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Ariana Grande: Women Should Support One Another

The singer is trying to inspire women to be more accepting

While women are busy tearing each other down, competing and boasting about looking “hotter”, being more successful, wealthy or fashionable than others, Ariana Grande is making it clear that she does not believe women should be stepping on one another.

The 24-year-old singer said that in an era so consumed by misogyny, it’s our role as women to support one another and not “claw each other down”.

Grande likes to define herself as a feminist and believes everyone should do so – men and women alike.

Moreover, she believes support is something that should be present in all social groups.

If you see someone being hurt – even if they are not linked to you – stand up for them.

It’s a scary world out there, especially with today’s social media bullying in which people use the anonymous power given to them behind the keyboard to completely humiliate and tear down other people they don’t even know.

Make the world a better place – and stop tearing down other women.


His support is incredibly touching

The terrorist attack which occurred at the scene of Ariana Grande’s concert was a horrific event which left 22 dead and many more injured.

The attack was especially heartbreaking as many of the victims were children and teenagers, the youngest one only 8 years old.

Among the victims was also a pair of parents who came to pick up their children.

Ariana Grande was devastated from the attack and overwhelmed with emotional guilt.

Her post attack tweet was:

One dad of Ariana Grande fans did not like her apology, and decided to write her a letter.

The letter, in it’s essence, told Ariana that she literally had NOTHING to apologize for, and that she should ignore what any “experts” tell her she should be doing and focus on taking her time to recover emotionally before diving back in to making music and making public appearances.

This dad was so comforting in his message – we sure do hope Ariana read it and embraced that this is probably what most fans are thinking, rather than being angry or blameful.

The losses were not her fault, and she should not engage in self-blame.

The event took a hard toll on many families, and there is no way to reverse the clock – only support one another and work on emotional recovery.

Way to go to this amazing dad!

His full tweet:

Ariana Grande Attacked For Claiming She’s “The Hardest Working 23-Year-Old”

Are people taking her comment too literally?

Arianna Grande has been working hard on producing new music for her fans, yet many followers were pretty upset with her latest Instagram statement about the extent of her hard work.

Arianna shared a photo of her pretty self captioned “When you’re cute but you’re also the hardest working 23 year old human being on earth”.

Perhaps Arianna was simply referring to having a busy year – in a good way of course – but her fans seemed to take it as an insult to young people worldwide who are not as privileged.

For most 23-year-olds, “working hard” does not mean fulfilling your dream and passion, singing, dancing, signing autographs, working on music.

For most 23-year-olds, “working hard” means struggling to find a job after college, or working late hours at a not-so-impressive job while you start your Master’s.

For some 23-year-olds, “working hard” even means having to support your parents or your kids, while working two jobs and forgetting about relaxing during weekends.

It’s likely the starlette didn’t mean for people to take her claim too literally, but perhaps she should have chosen the words a bit more carefully, noting that she works hard…but not “the hardest”.

Take a look at the reactions:

Ariana Grande speaks out against sexism

Ariana shared an incident which made her feel very uncomfortable, to empower other women

The incident wasn’t a huge one, and perhaps it didn’t leave Ariana traumatized, but it did leave her hurt and “sick to her stomach”.

A fan was running after her boyfriend as they were entering their car in the parking lot, and as he got excited, Ariana thought it was quite cute, until he said “Ariana is sexy as hell man. I see you, I see you hitting that!!!”.

The comment, to say the least, was not very flattering to her, and she headed to Twitter to share the incident and explain how she felt about sexism:

This isn’t the first time the star shut down sexist comments.

It has happened before during a radio interview, where she was disappointed with the sexist questions directed at her:

Take a look at the full story: