Handkerchiefs Out! Baby Monkeys and Puppies Ahead!!

No, this is not what you’re thinking. This video is not JUST baby monkeys and dogs sharing hugs – this is scientific PROOF that love has no boundaries. It is also the only feel-good video that you will need for the next month or so before you’ll be searching for more adorable animal videos to bring on the sniffles. This is a story about two different species coming together for the sole purpose of sharing mutual adoration….or maybe they just get a kick out of making us humans cry!

Either way, we applaud these majestic beings for sharing their special relationship in front of a camera, because every person should witness a puppy being hugged by a chimpanzee at some point in their life.

Prepare to fall in love:

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Do This Daily To Keep Your Skin Younger Than Ever!

We have yet to discover the fountain of youth which will keep us forever as vibrant as Peter Pan, but have you noticed how various women may wear their age so drastically different from one another? The age-guessing game is getting trickier every year, with the spread of awareness for proper lifestyle and diet choices that lead to improved health and beauty.

On the contrary to what you may think, keeping your skin vibrant as you age does not have to involve needles and thousands of dollars on luxury cosmetics. There are a few simple changes you can make to your daily routine to witness a positive change in your skin’s look and feel.

Here are some tips:

Make sure you are consistent with any positive lifestyle tweak, even if it’s as simple as drinking more water! Most importantly, however, remember that aging is a privilege! If you take care of your body and mental health – you will be radiating with beauty – but don’t measure your worth based on the smoothness of your skin. Physical signs of aging may vary with genetics, but being fabulous – that’s just a matter of confidence!

Gal Gadot: Only a Woman Could Have Directed ‘Wonder Woman’

Audiences worldwide quickly fell in love with Gal Gadot as “Wonder Woman” even though her appearance was brief – and it’s not just because of her mesmerizing beauty. Gal Gadot is inspiring women empowerment and strongly believes that “it’s about time” little girls, including her own, have a female superhero to look up to.

Gal Gadot feels a strong connection to her character in her upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ solo film, stating: “Everything Wonder Woman stands for, I stand for. She’s all about love, equality, passion, truth and justice.” Gal Explains that in her opinion, only a female director could accurately tell the story of transforming from a girl to a woman.

Have a look at your new favorite superhero:

Gal Gadot is dazzling and powerful all at the same time, and we can’t wait for her new film to remind us that the term “superhero” is not reserved for males alone.

Why Your Dog Should Practice Yoga

Practicing the ancient discipline of yoga has recently become a hot trend worldwide, with countless new hip and powerful yogis catching our attention on Instagram with their perfectly graceful moves and poses. Other than helping you relax, toning your body and achieving a state of control over your mind and body – yoga is also a great excuse to shop for cute yoga outfits!

With so many physical and mental health benefits – it may be quite worth your while to spread a mat and get into a morning ritual, after all – it’s so simple – even dogs can do it!

Kickstart your week with a dose of cuteness:

What bonding exercises have you done with your pooch lately? We recommend that you start your daily walk in the park with a meditation and yoga practice to help your buddy relieve the daily stress of tail-chasing and shoe chewing.

The Hottest Foods On Instagram, According to Instagram

You have to admit that despite the glamorous snaps of your favorite celebrity’s latest fashion trends, your friend’s new engagement photo and countless filtered sunset shots – the most eye-catching photos on Instagram tend to carry hashtags such as #foodporn, #instafood and #yummy. Delicious meals ranging from homemade healthy bites to mouth-watering fast food are simply so photogenic that they tend to boost your serotonin levels as much as a video of puppies falling asleep.

Do you want to know which edible culprits you should photograph for the best reactions? Let’s have a look at the most attention-grabbing foods on Instagram, according to…..Instagram!

What type of food pictures give you a #foodgasm? Are you the clean-eating buddha bowl lover or more of a melted-cheese-on-pretty-much-anything type of person? Whichever you are, don’t be ashamed! We all have our guilty food-stalking pleasures.

Katy Perry Releases Powerful Song for Olympics

Katy Perry has revealed her first new song in three (yes, THREE!) years in honor of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Her new song, “Rise”, reminds us in its essence of her 2013 hit, “Roar”, with both songs sending out invigorating messages of empowerment.

Although still carrying an uplifting message, the song’s lyrics carry a disparity from Katy’s usual fun pop songs with a bit of a darker edge: “When the fire’s at my feet again/ And the vultures all start circling/ They’re whispering, ‘You’re out of time’/ But still I rise.”

Watch here:

The emotional clips of athletes during their heart-stopping moments throughout the video perfectly align with Katy’s call to “rise above it all”, however the inspiration for the song sources from more than just athletic competition. Katy said in a statement that it was the recent spikes of violence that pushed her to release the song, saying: “[..]now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite.”

Cuteness Level 1000: Little Kids Define “Love”

While some of us are still figuring out the exact words to explain the intricate feeling called “love” – even in our 20’s and 30’s – little children tend to more freely express their feelings and thoughts we adults do. Their words are unhindered, pure and so full of truth, that we should seek much more advice from our kids than our psychologist.
This video filmed in Utah, USA, focuses on 10 children aging from 3-10 who are asked to explain the meaning of “love” and how they tend to express it to those they care about. These youngsters have a lot to teach us about keeping things simple – and appreciating our family.
Here’s the beautiful interview to brighten up your day:

Have you recently asked your kids, nephews, nieces or younger siblings what they think “love” means? This interview is safe to try at home! You may receive some surprisingly colorful answers.

5 Foods That Are Surprisingly Great For Your Skin

While your skincare products may shield and moisturize your skin from the outside, make sure you also provide your skin with the invigorating building blocks it requires to stay strong, healthy and B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L by including some beauty-boosting ingredients in your diet.

Your skin is constantly exposed to free-radicals from sunlight, air pollution and smoking. Consuming enough of the right nutrients will help you balance your hormones, retain moisture in your skin, promote the production of collagen and help fight off damaging free-radicals that cause our skin to age faster than it should.  It is imperative that you nourish your skin from the inside in order to both achieve and maintain healthy, strong and radiant skin, and we have a few food suggestions that you will actually LOVE to incorporate into your diet!

Check out the list of 5 beauty-boosters:


Some skin-fortifying effects can’t be achieved through cosmetics alone. Did you know that collagen molecules contained in most creams are too big to even be absorbed into your skin through your pores? Before you spend hundreds of dollars on creams, how about trying a slight upgrade to your diet first?

This new secret method to losing 10 pounds….

Summer is just around the corner and who doesn’t want to kick a bit of belly fat to the curb?

Meet Vi, the new voice of fitness, that promises to whip you back into shape! Vi lives in a pair of bio-sensing earphones and tracks your results in real time. Combined with realistic weight goals and motivational talks, Vi makes the pain of going to workout much more fun and effective.

See how Vi plans to transform your tush into a tight bum:


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