Diesel Just Released an Ad Celebrating Flaws – and it’s Stunning!

Forget buff guys and Barbie dolls, these misfits are perfect

Diesel just launched a new ad and the internet is going crazy over it.

Their “Go With the Flaw” concept is latching onto the trend of relatability in an authentic way that other brands are still struggling to conquer.

Take a look:

the video, which begins with a half-blind film editor organizing the scenes which he documented from his crazy, flawed and beautiful world.

In it you will not see typical fashion models.

There are no perfectly-proportional cracked abs and no blazing shiny smiles.

Instead, it’s filled with adult braces, a unibrow, a freckled body and beautiful cross-eyed woman.

It’s filled with flaws which are portrayed in a way which doesn’t make you flinch but instead say, “wow, that’s beautiful, cool, unique”.

In a world where we are brainwashed by social media to aim for a non-existent form of perfection which only Photoshop is capable of creating, it’s beautifully refreshing to see a big brand celebrating flaws as traits of individuality and uniqueness.


Why Kylie Jenner Got Lip Fillers…And Why All Moms Should Care

Before you judge her…Imagine that this was your daughter

It’s difficult to feel sorry for Kylie Jenner.

Many young women would be happy to trade places with her – growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth, swimming in more money than she can find what to do with and popping by the doctor’s office for quick cosmetic fixes like she’s getting a haircut.

But when we listen to Kylie Jenner’s story about the insecurity which led her to get her lip fillers, there’s suddenly something very relatable about her.

On her reality show, Kylie revealed that when she was 15, her crush told her she probably wouldn’t be a good kisser because she had such small lips.

Young Kylie, feeling unattractive and insecure, hurried to get her lips pumped at the tender age.

While many criticize her for the example she’s setting – think about your own teenage insecurities.

Has everyone ever mocked you for being chubby, for having smaller breasts or a crooked smile?

Maybe you’ve been bullied or mocked for a crooked nose?

Most kids don’t run to the clinic to get “fixed”, but then again, most kids don’t have Kylie Jenner’s money.

Can be sure, however, that many teenagers have superficial insecurities that they wish they can fix – and maybe it’s not the roe of social media “stars” to set an example – maybe, we can take the role of empowerment into our own hands, as mothers.

Teaching our daughters to handle bullying and insecurities about their looks should start at a young age.

There will always be picture-perfect models on Instagram to compare to – but girls need to learn how to love their selves without comparison, and without believing in a correlation between “beauty” and “perfection”.

Lingerie Company ThirdLove Challenges Victoria Secret With New Concept

They’re not looking to become the next sexyiest name in lingerie

ThirdLove is a rising star in the field of women’s lingerie, starting quite humbly on social media and growing their audience slowly but steadily.

They are now launching their first TV ad, and we’re wondering if this new brand will be taking any fans from Victoria’s Secret.

The brand has a completely different concept than what is common in the lingerie industry.

Instead of oversexualization and the use of perfect cracked abs and booty popping to portray their lingerie, they are focusing on comfort, practicality, and a down-to-earth portrayal of women with whom their audience may identify with.

A quick look at their Instagram account reveals photos of the lingerie on mothers, businesswoman, and the typical girl-next-door.

Their models are varied and we hope to see this brand also include some plus size models in their upcoming ads.

Perhaps the era of Barbie-like photoshopped models is coming to an end?

Let’s wait and see.

Kelly Clarkson on the Challenges of Being a Working Mom

A singer’s career comes with a heavy price

Kelly Clarkson is one of many celebrity moms who faces the challenges of being a successful artist and a non-absentee-mother.

In a Facebook live interview, she admits that even with extra help, it’s not easy being a mother to two little kids and a stepmom to another two older ones, from her husband.

Clarkson explains that with her hectic work life, she “misses things” – such as the first utterings of the word “mamma”.

She believes she should try to be with her kids as much as is possible while still keeping her career afloat, as she doesn’t want to just rely on outside help and miss out on their lives like many other artists.

NYC y'all ain't ready for Remy B 🤣 ……I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!! #LoveSoSoft #NYC

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Her outlook on the situation, however, is a beautifully positive one.

Clarkson explains that although she misses out on quite a lot, she’s happy to be able to inspire her children to believe in the possibility of developing a career while raising a family.

It’s an important message for a woman to send.

While they may see less of her, she is always caring for them, always trying to make the best of her family life – even when it means taking her kids on tour with her.

Take a look at the interview:

Are Bath Bombs Actually Good For Your Skin?

Take a closer look at this trend

Let’s debunk a myth here.

Sure, bath bombs are fun.

Let’s admit – despite being perfectly functional adults (at least to an extent we believe is functional), we still enjoy glittery bubbles filling our bathtubs, because, why not?

It’s entertaining, it smells nice, and perhaps most notoriously – it’s an Instagram trending photo.

But superficial benefits aside, are these bath bombs actually doing anything for your skin?

Professionals seem to be less enthusiastic about the skincare trend.

While some of these bombs may have some great oils and salts in them which may be beneficial to your skin, they also often contain dyes and scents which are not so healthy to drench yourself in until you turn wrinkly.

If these are the only benefits of the phenomenon, it’s safe to say that you’ll be doing your skin a favor by soaking in some natural oils and bath salts instead.

They’re fun to try out – but don’t turn them into a habit.

Kristen Bell Helps Families Escape Hurricane Irma

Helping trapped family members of friends

Quite a few celebrities have been chipping in lately in light of the two powerful hurricanes which intruded the Southern states this month.

While most have been sending in donations, some have personally taken initiative to care for specific families who were in the way of danger.

Kristen Bell has been thanked on Instagram by several co-stars for helping their families when they themselves couldn’t.

Her co-star Josh Gad tweeted that Bell practically saved his entire family from hurricane Irma, and even actress Jennifer Carpenter’s aunt and grandma were rescued to a safer location thanks to Bell’s efforts.

It’s true that the biggest heroes are unveiled when disaster strikes.

It’s not to be taken for granted that Bell made the special efforts – although she is definitely wealthier and more connected than most non-celeb individuals, she could have easily just settled for sending a donation and avoided any personal help – who would have judged her?

It’s great to see women in the spotlight setting a positive example.

Take a look:

How Yoga Helped This Woman Love Her Body

Improving your body is great, but you need to love and appreciate it first

Dana Falsetti is a body-positivity leader with a passion for yoga, but she occasionally slips into streaks of low self-esteem about her body herself.

In a recent post, Dana posted a picture which she very much deliberated if to share, as she originally looked at the photo and felt self-conscious about her belly.

Upon second thought, however, and with the help of the positive mindset acquired through yoga and other passions, Dana decided to take a step back and look at herself as a whole instead of picking apart every “flaw” in her body.

As a whole, she was glowing.

She remembered the feeling of empowerment during the shoot and how strong and radiant she felt.

Practicing yoga has given Dana strength and made her feel proud of her body, even if she didn’t have the typical “yogi” body – she was powerful, graceful and more connected to her body than ever.

She wished to empower her followers to embrace a physical passion which makes them feel the same way.

It’s great to work towards a healthy weight – but don’t hate your body all the way on that journey.

If you don’t learn to appreciate your body for what it gives you before that point, you will always be looking for flaws, even after a transformation.

Take a look:

No lie I've been looking at this photo for days wanting to post it but my eyes kept going to my belly and I kept feeling shame. It comes and goes you know, the assuredness of self. I talk about this shit but I'm not perfect. I just talk a lot 😉 I looked at it again just now and decided to stop freaking compartmentalizing my body like I've been taught and looked at myself as a whole. And then saw that I'm literally glowing up because damn when I did this shoot, I felt like fire. So it shows. Zoom in on that face. I have come a looooong way my friends. A long way. The thing is every time I step into my power in a way I couldn't have years ago, it still feels like I'm living for the first time. Internal narrative and the stories we tell ourselves and the way we see ourselves… these patterns are hard to break. When society wants you to feel shame, disgusting, wants you to change you have to remind yourself it's all noise. Because damn look at that wet white cotton bodysuit clinging to an awesome saggy bellied babe coming out the water like 🔥💦Suddenly now I look at this and I cant stop smiling and can't wait to post it because for me, this photo represents so much more than what you can see. I can feel it. Power. Boooooom. Glow up. Photo is by @michelesuits. PS I love you all but really don't need reassurance, truly. The message is about how we see ourselves. Just had a human moment. I tend to share them 👌Lots of love.

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I've spent my whole life not showing up for myself. If I don't actively choose otherwise, my typical state is depression. I could be in bed all day, sleep forever, be alone until it hurts and I'm convinced nobody cares (they do, that's my brain talking), taking a shower is a chore, eating is a chore (then I'd binge). When I started practicing it was the first time I found a way to consistently show up and it was the first time I acknowledged my bullshit. When I started traveling and teaching and this became my whole life, shit got crazy and my practice started to escape me until not showing up got really comfortable again. And here's the thing – the darkest parts of myself, the version of me that doesn't really serve me… that person is always with me and I can easily be that. Reactive, lacking awareness, self-loathing, self-hating. Don't think for a second I don't have that within me because I do. I have to actively choose otherwise. I have to actively feed and nourish the parts of me that serve me. So I've been getting back to consistent daily practice and it feels amazing and it's so hard and I'm learning all over again. On top of that my body has changed, I've got more belly to work with, less space, so I have to create it, mind and body. What's different this time around is I know I'm strong, I know I'm capable, I know my own habits and patterns and I learned it all on my mat. Back to exploring what's possible. FYI – it's ok if you fall off. You know how I say forgive yourself if you binge and move on in the direction that serves you? Same thing here. If you've been away for a while, make your peace so you can find your way back. We're all just trying to do our best, myself included. Photo from @codyapp.

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Scroll ➡️ I was made to believe my whole life that I'd never be enough in this body, and I'd certainly never be fit or healthy or strong. I still have to remind myself that it's bullshit and that I write my own story, I make my own rules, and I am worthy right freaking now. As I've gained weight this past year (I don't weigh myself but I can feel it) I have struggled to believe in my strength. We all go through phases where life gets heavier and we have to be stronger – strong in knowing who we truly and what we deserve even amongst chaos or a few steps in a direction that doesn't serve us. I deserve to show up for myself and yes, I still need the reminder sometimes. The biggest lesson I learned when I began my yoga practice was about limits. I let my body limit me my whole life until I realized it was actually my mind playing tricks on me. I didn't try. I didn't put myself out there. I didn't do what I loved. It's true that your body can limit you, but there is no greater barrier than your mind. I come back because this shit is hard, it challenges me, it teaches me. I need that. I'm here and I can. Stop yourself from trying, stop yourself from seeing the possibility and as far you'll ever know, you couldn't do it. But what might happen if you believed you could?

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How a Toddler Got Her Nervous Mom to Wear a Bikini

She learned a valuable lesson about teaching your kids self-confidence

Shelbie is mom who goes by the title of PCOS Support Girl on Instagram just shared the story of swimsuit shopping with her little girl.

He daughter was starting swimming lessons, a bit later than she wanted her to, she admitted, as she was shy as showing up as her guardian in a swimsuit in front of people she knew.

After she shoes a swimsuit for her daughter, her little girl told her “now your turn” – as in, to choose a bikini, too.

Shelbie quickly answered that she “can’t” wear a swimsuit, to which her daughter asked in a confused manner, “why not?”.

Realizing her innocent question, Shelbie asked herself the same question.

Why should she be teaching her daughter that if you’re not skinny, you can’t wear a bikini?

Why is she teaching her that you should be embarrassed of your body?

This little girl will one day grow up and understand these insecurities – and it’s best to teach her confidence now, before she begins questioning every part of her body.

This mom decided to get over her fear and show confidence for her little girl – because listen to this, moms, you are your daughter’s superheroes and influencers  – use that to teach them self-love!

Take a look:

John Legend Once Tried To Break Up With Chrissy Teigen – And She Said “No”

because who is he to decide?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may now seem like peanut butter and jelly to us, but Legend juts admitted in an interview to The Guardian that the relationship was almost cut dead in its tracks many years ago.

He said: I was really stressed and busy,” he says. “I was just like: ‘I’d just be happier single right now,’ and she was like: ‘No.’”

Within half an hour the two were back together and still together a decade later, married and sharing a gorgeous baby girl with the exact face of John Legend, only, well, female and baby-like.

Apparently, Legend needed his sense knocked back into him and was lucky enough to be dating a very opinionated and strong-minded woman who wasn’t going to give up on the most perfect relationship of her life (yes it could have gotten stalker-creepy but we have a feeling she’s not that crazy).

Aren’t they the cutest couple ever?

Legend also exposed that the two like to share so much on social media because it makes them feel more in control of their own narrative than the paparazzi.

T-Swift’s LWYMMD Director Says Beyoncé Copied Her Look

How exactly did this all start?

Well, quite frankly, as many recent dramas, when a sneak peak of Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do video was released, beehive fans were quick to accuse Taylor for copying Beyoncé’s look during her Super Bowl performance of Formation.

When the full video was released, people were quiet, as there was little to no resemblance at all between the two works of art.

Taylor Swift’s director, however, did not let the accusation go.

In fact, he even backfired with his own accusation, that Taylor Swift was the first one to adorn a similar outfit of black crop top and bullet chains in her Bad Blood video – and that Bey, in fact, was the copycat.

Was it not enough to just say that there is no resemblance?

What was the reason for continuing into a mini attack on another amazing female artist?

Can we stop turning these powerful women against each other?

They have fans, young fans, and those fans should be taking example of unity between women, not competition.


This Mom Went Viral For Sharing The Truth About Pregnancies

She likes to be candid with her followers – and they love it

Maya Vorderstrasse, a mom to a 1-year-old and 2-weeks-old, decided to begin sharing her pregnancy journey in a way that was quite different from what she was used to seeing on Instagram.

Pregnancy glow?

Strictly healthy diet?

Waking up with smiles and taking pictures in the sunset?

Lies. All lies.

This mom opted for sharing the truth in a fun, hilarious way.

Motherhood isn’t easy, and often, it isn’t very beautiful either (let’s be honest, throw up stains and leaking bras are not that majestic) – but it’s worth it, and there’s no need to pretend that it’s perfect in order to love being a mom.

Maya shares pictures of her pregnancy and the babies that follow – with comments and facial expression which any mom will relate to.

If you are embarrassed about not living up to the perfect social media stars who seem to be skipping through their pregnancies like they’re just carrying an extra meal in their bellies – don’t.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and if they don’t want to share the dark sides – no need – pregnancies have been around long enough for us women to know the truth 😉

Dat bump life 🤘🏼 #27weekspregnant

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Pink Explains Why It’s Wrong To Shame Women For Publicly Breastfeeding

If only everybody would just mind their own business

Pink isn’t just a successful Rockstar (for decades now), she’s also a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children.

At the Ellen DeGeneres show, Pink opened up about how she feels about public breastfeeding, and especially about how people react to it.

As Pink is known to generally not give a rat’s butt what people think of her and her choices, she has the same approach when it comes to breastfeeding.

When it comes to choosing between a stressed out, hungry, screaming baby, and breastfeeding – she’ll opt for breastfeeding, wherever she is.

Moms shouldn’t feel ashamed to feed their children, and no, they shouldn’t be forced to remain in their homes during the entire breastfeeding period.

Arguing for pumping ahead of time is also unfair – it’s not easy nor convenient for everyone, and not every departure from the house is planned ahead.

Mommas everywhere – stand up for your right to feed your baby whichever way suits you!

Raising a baby is hard enough as it is – nobody needs to be shamed for their choices of convenience.