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How to Be More Productive In the Mornings

Simple changes to your morning routine and mindset can change your lifestyle

While some people complete their morning run and shower by 6 a.m., not all of us are early risers with a heap of motivation at the crack of dawn.

For others, waking up in the morning is mixed with feelings of anxiety, fatigue or simply a complete lack of motivation to begin another routine-fixed, monotonous day.

Have you ever noticed how easily you jump out of bed when you have a fun event or a vacation flight to catch?

However when you try to wake up at that same hour to work out or get errands done before work, you tend to linger in bed.

More than the impact of fatigue, we often suffer from the negative thoughts in our head.

A simple morning ritual reminding ourselves everything we have to be grateful for, and how much we will profit from the activities we get up early to do can set us on the right track to opening up extra hours in our day (which add up over time) to improve our lives.

Eliminating things that have long been on our to-do list can be one of the most gratifying decisions you make – and it will lead your life to be a fuller, more productive and happier one, in which you will appreciate yourself more and have more motivation to get up early the next day and begin another day full of accomplishments.

Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Yoga Breathing Technique is Easy and Effective

She claims this helped her during times of stress

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve endured the stress levels which Hillary Clinton experienced during her years of politics.

While she had already run for office in the Democratic primaries over eight years ago, Clinton faced a much more grueling campaign when running for the presidential office opposite Donald Trump.

While many men and women alike rooted for the possible-first-female-POTUS, Clinton also faced investigations and constant battles against partisan scrutiny.

In her new book, “What Happened”, Clinton describes a breathing technique which helped her rebalance during stressful periods.

The alternate nostril breathing method is very common in yoga practices.

While there is no scientific evidence to back up some of the claims she makes about the breathing’s impact on left/right brain areas specifically – the breathing is certainly a great way to pay close attention to your depth and pace of breathing.

When you focus on inhaling and exhaling – especially with such precision as this technique – you may very well guide your body out of an anxiety attack.

Why Kylie Jenner Got Lip Fillers…And Why All Moms Should Care

Before you judge her…Imagine that this was your daughter

It’s difficult to feel sorry for Kylie Jenner.

Many young women would be happy to trade places with her – growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth, swimming in more money than she can find what to do with and popping by the doctor’s office for quick cosmetic fixes like she’s getting a haircut.

But when we listen to Kylie Jenner’s story about the insecurity which led her to get her lip fillers, there’s suddenly something very relatable about her.

On her reality show, Kylie revealed that when she was 15, her crush told her she probably wouldn’t be a good kisser because she had such small lips.

Young Kylie, feeling unattractive and insecure, hurried to get her lips pumped at the tender age.

While many criticize her for the example she’s setting – think about your own teenage insecurities.

Has everyone ever mocked you for being chubby, for having smaller breasts or a crooked smile?

Maybe you’ve been bullied or mocked for a crooked nose?

Most kids don’t run to the clinic to get “fixed”, but then again, most kids don’t have Kylie Jenner’s money.

Can be sure, however, that many teenagers have superficial insecurities that they wish they can fix – and maybe it’s not the roe of social media “stars” to set an example – maybe, we can take the role of empowerment into our own hands, as mothers.

Teaching our daughters to handle bullying and insecurities about their looks should start at a young age.

There will always be picture-perfect models on Instagram to compare to – but girls need to learn how to love their selves without comparison, and without believing in a correlation between “beauty” and “perfection”.

Are Bath Bombs Actually Good For Your Skin?

Take a closer look at this trend

Let’s debunk a myth here.

Sure, bath bombs are fun.

Let’s admit – despite being perfectly functional adults (at least to an extent we believe is functional), we still enjoy glittery bubbles filling our bathtubs, because, why not?

It’s entertaining, it smells nice, and perhaps most notoriously – it’s an Instagram trending photo.

But superficial benefits aside, are these bath bombs actually doing anything for your skin?

Professionals seem to be less enthusiastic about the skincare trend.

While some of these bombs may have some great oils and salts in them which may be beneficial to your skin, they also often contain dyes and scents which are not so healthy to drench yourself in until you turn wrinkly.

If these are the only benefits of the phenomenon, it’s safe to say that you’ll be doing your skin a favor by soaking in some natural oils and bath salts instead.

They’re fun to try out – but don’t turn them into a habit.

A Christian Organization is Raising Donations to Help Transgenders Pay For Surgery

Breaking stigmas and helping those in need

A Christian organization called Faithfully LGBT is encouraging church groups to help transgender people pay for corrective surgeries through donations.

The donations go to the Jim Collins Foundation which allocated surgeons willing to provide lower rates for the cause, and match them with transgender individuals who are accepted to receive a grant for a surgery after they share an essay explaining the personal significance of such surgery for their life.

20% of transgenders, like many Americans, do not have health insurance.

Moreover, many of them are left in poverty and even homelessness after being abandoned by their families for their orientation or lifestyle.

Organizations like these remind us that kindness is not limited by stereotypical categories such as faith, gender or even politics.

Some of these individuals have felt so out of place in the bodies they were born in that they have often contemplated suicide.

We hope for the success of the organization and the happiness of its grant recipients.

Take a look:

New Investigation: Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop’ Made Over 50 False Health Claims

These claims can be both misleading and dangerous

A non-profit group called Truth in Advertising recently investigated Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, ‘Goop’.

The website has already received much backlash over controversial claims and recommendations which seems to many medical professionals as irresponsible, unsupported and even dangerous.

One example is the jade egg which Paltrow suggested women stick up their vaginas for “hormonal balance” – a claim which has absolutely zero scientific support.

The website even sells a blend of flower essences which they claim will help “clear, stabilize and soothe emotional trauma”.

While the website also offers many interesting articles about health, nutrition and attempts to empower women to feel comfortable in their bodies, it is best to take precaution with any “medical” advice which sounds a bit unique.

Before trying anything unusual such as sticking objects up your lady parts or using essential oils to treat depression – make sure you do a bit of fishing around the internet for backup to these claims by legitimate health and education websites.


Celebrities Get Real On The Power Of Going To Therapy

It’s not a shame to ask for help – and many celebs are being open about it

These celebrities know what they are talking about.

Depression, anxiety and low self-confidence can strike anyone, no matter how intelligence, how successful, how seemingly “together” your life seems.

Even those who seem to be living the glamorous Hollywood life go through difficult events such as the loss of a family member, divorce, the feeling of letting someone down or receiving criticism.

Sometimes these feelings pass on their own, and sometimes with the help of supportive family or friends, but sometimes – when all else fails, it is best to speak to an unbiased professional who can align your thoughts and teach you how to handle life’s most challenging hurdles.

There is no shame in seeking help – if anything it shows a person’s strength and motivation to get up and take a hold of their life by learning to cope and heal emotionally.

If you know someone who is deliberating – it’s important to show that judgement on the issue is nonexistent.

Take care of your body and your mind before you try to take care of anyone else.

Why Are Tinder and PETA Teaming Up?

The dating platform is trying to assist an important cause

While a dating platform is certainly not considered a source of animal abuse, there has been a disturbing amount of profile photos which include people in pictures with tigers and other wildlife, clearly sedated for tourist photos.

Way too many people find these pictures “cool” while it is clear that the attraction is undebatable animal abuse.

Tinder is asking people to remove these photos to stop setting a negative example and end the popularity of these attractions.

Sure, it’s a small step – Tinder is just one social platform out of many – but it’s a clear example for other social media giants to be active in justice for animal rights.

Since many people aren’t directly aware of the harm of these attractions, it’s important to spread awareness.

Next time you take a trip to Thailand, please – do not fund the man forcing a chained monkey to dance with you, do not fund the zoo which keeps a grown tiger, one that would otherwise have the strength to kill you, sedated and chained up – and do not fund the people hosting elephant rides, after long years of chaining and beating these majestic giants into slaves.

Step by step, the future may become purer.

Signs That You May Be Dating A Narcissist

That moment when he seems to love himself way more than he loves you….

Self-love is great.

In fact, we should all learn how to love ourselves and accept our flaws as they are before we search to find our “other half”, because ironically, we need to be whole before we find it (does that make any sense?).

With that being said, self-love can easily be mixed up with narcissism, which is more like self-worship and denial of any flaws rather than acceptance.

Nobody is perfect, and that’s how we open our minds and begin to learn from those close to us, admit when we’re wrong and continuously try to better ourselves.

Some people, however, display narcissistic traits which we need to take as warning signs in a relationship.

Those few can be manipulative, hurtful and difficult to satisfy – perhaps not on purpose, but with heavy consequences on your own mental health.

How do you tell the difference between someone who is a little over confident and someone who is narcissistic?

Take a look if these traits are consistently over-the-top:

LUSH Launches Bath Bombs That Turn the Water Into JELLY!!!

This is not a drill

We all know and love Lush’s crazily creative bath bombs which are taking over Instagram.

Their variegation of the product line has probably caused the biggest peak in number of pictures taken in the bathtub since the beginning of time.

Lush is now surprising the world of bath-lovers with their ultimate piece of heaven: a bath bomb which turns your bath into a giant bowl of jelly.

The brand wanted to clarify, however, that these are much, much more than a childish ball of goo to play with.

They actually make for a great spa treatment for your skin, too!

Lush says that the bath bombs “release a spectacular jelly made from sodium alginate, which comes from a mineral-rich seaweed. Aside from being wonderfully entertaining, this gooey jelly is superbly softening and soothing on the skin.”

We were convinced even before the ingredient list was mentioned.

Bathing in goo?

This has been a dream since childhood – and now, it’s actually excusable for adult use as a skin enhancer.

Take a look:


Watch with discretion

While many people are criticizing ‘To The Bone’, a film about a girl starving herself through an eating disorder, others are praising it for what it is trying to do.

The criticism comes from the view that the movie at times glamorizes the calorie-counting obsession and the desperate need to be thin.

The glamorization, however, can also be seen as a mere depiction of what goes through a person’s head when they begin suffering from an eating disorder, and it just may help others understand the complex psychological aspects of the disorder which are rarely discussed.

One support center for eating disorders says that they are happy that this kind of film even exists.

It organized screenings for recovering people to watch the film in a safe place where they can discuss and share their emotions.

Understanding the disorder, in all of its aspects, is a step for people to be able to both recognize and assist those who need their support.

Take a look:


It may be trending in Hollywood, but is it safe?

Sometimes, a little goes a long way – and it’s not always a good thing.

More and more celebrities are speaking out and being open about their cosmetic procedures, like Chrissy Teigen and Courteney Cox, while others are sticking to the “my lips grew to 5 times their size naturally overnight” claim.

Courteney Cox recently explained that while she enjoyed her early Botox treatments, at some point she realized that she took the addiction too far – and the fillers which once plumped her face now caused her to look unnatural.

For Cox, that was the lucky case.

She was able to remove her fillers without causing damage to her skin and go back to looking, well, her real age, except still glamorous, because, well, she’s Courteney Cox.

For others, the case may be much worse – some people have horrible reactions to foreign chemicals in their face – and it may cause swelling, irritation, and often irreversible damage.

Take a look at why you should carefully consult before getting any fillers, and what Cox has to say about her decision to remove them: