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Chrissy Teigen Asked Twitter for Parenting Advice

The results may make you cringe

Parenting might just be the toughest job out there (ok, maybe that’s a bit of a first world complaint, but still…).

Chrissy Teigen is the mother of beautiful 1-year-old baby Luna, and while their Instagram pictures usually portray a perfect mother-daughter relationship – babies will be babies.

Out of a cry of frustration, Teigen turned to Twitter for some help – considering Twitter fans are practically her psychologist.

Teigen asked her (over 7 million) fans to share with her the meanest things their kids did to them, to make herself feel better, of course.

The results are kind of hilarious, kind of horrific.

Take a look:

Adriana Lima Shares Her Workout Routine

This angel has been in shape with VS since 1999

Adriana Lima, who has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for nearly two decades and is currently the mother of two, is still strutting a rock-hard physique down the runway with more confidence than most of her younger colleagues.

Lima reveals that she does not take time off from working out nor is it seasonal – she is ready to hit the runway all year long at a moment’s notice.

She works out every single day, and her routine primarily consists of boxing, along with alterations of weight lifting, jump roping, and workout classes.

And yes, she’s a pro at jump roping:


A post shared by Adriana Lima (@adrianalima) on

While working out every single day is probably not realistic for most working moms, when it’s your career – it makes sense.

However, one thing to learn from Lima’s routine is that you certainly need to enjoy it.

Whether you enjoy kickboxing or any other sport, make it your priority – as long as you’re moving, you are taking a giant leap forward in your journey to stay healthy.

Stop Telling Women to Smile

IT’s annoying. And it’s sexist.

If you belong to the gender group which typically pees sitting down (although most of us talented ladies have also mastered the air-squat for public situations) – then you have probably received the order, or “suggestion” to smile quite a few times in your life.

No, we’re not talking about the moment you’re taking a group photo and everyone’s saying “cheese”.

We’re talking about the constant need for the human race to define how a woman should speak or act to look proper, respectful, but not too nice – because, of course, that’s already “asking for it”.

Women don’t need to fake emotions and they certainly don’t need to underexpress them either.

In fact, some of us were born with a resting bitch face and we love it – it’s actually a great way to relax your face and prevent wrinkles.

And some of us like to smile to be amiable to others – it doesn’t mean it’s an open invitation for whatever “it” is in the certain situation.

To summarize – next time you feel like telling a woman she needs to smile more or less, think twice about its meaning.

Selena Gomez Replaces Kylie Jenner As Face of Puma

She’s not wasting time getting back into the spotlight

Selena is busier than ever.

She has only recently recovered from having a kidney transplant due to her Lupus, and now she is already back in the spotlight picking up new, prestigious roles.

Adding to her recently-founded career with Coach, Gomez is now the face of Puma – as well as a designer on their team.

Officially a part of the fam @puma #pumapartner

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Gomez’s boyfriend, The Weekend, also recently collaborated with Puma on a line of sneakers.

While Kylie Jenner received a lot of criticism for her role with Puma, with many fans claiming she was far from being athletic or a role model, do you think Gomez will enter this collaboration with full support?

So far, it looks like the huge mass of Gomez fans are lot letting through any noticeable backlash from haters – and there is still much more of the collaboration to be revealed.

Will she be designing a new clothing line for the brand? Maybe shoes?

Let’s wait and see what further surprises this Girly Warrior has in store for her fans.

Take a look:

For the Tenth Time, Jennifer Aniston is Fed Up With Pregnancy Rumors

This has gotten too far

After writing an open letter to the public which ultimately shamed the tabloids for having a party off of every picture they got of a slight belly bloat (yes, food babies) – Jennifer Aniston again had a thing or two to say about the topic of the (still) ongoing pregnancy rumors.

At the age of 48, it’s about time the tabloids relax and give Aniston her privacy to lead her life and make her own choices about her relationship, her lifestyle and her uterus.

As she already clarified last summer, a woman can be perfectly complete with or without a partner, and with or without children.

She recently told Glamour Magazine, “Having a child, as we know, is no one’s business except the couple or individual that’s going through it.”

Moreover, Aniston also emphasized during the interview the importance of giving more significant roles in Hollywood to women over 50.

She said: “I think we have to change our perspective. I don’t think life stops after 50—if anything, it gets more and more exciting.”

With Aniston still looking as healthy, happy and beautiful as the mischievous Rachel Green, we definitely agree that things don’t slow down nearing 50.

Angelina Jolie Says She’s “Stronger” After a Tough Year

The superwoman is heading back to work soon

Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt was a shock to their fans – but more importantly, it was likely a big shock to their family of six children.

Jolie spent the past year focusing on her children and has kept herself away from work for the time being.

Now, she told People that she is stronger and ready to go back to work.

As there are no directing projects which she currently feels passionate about, that would mean she’ll occupy herself with acting for now.

She clarified that most likely she will be working on the Maleficent sequel to begin with.

Going through such a public divorce has had a traumatic effect on Jolie but she is keeping her head held high and remaining strong as she has learned through so much adversity in her life.

Only the best can be wished for her beloved family, who, despite the split, have an amazing super-mom to learn from and aspire to.

Take a look:

Selena Gomez’s Friend is Grateful for Saving Her Life

Her sacrifice has giving a life back to her friend, and changed her own

Francia Raisa says that she feels “grateful” to have been able to give her friend her health back.

“The Secret Life of the American Teenager” star shared a touching photo of the two girls holding hands in their hospital beds after Gomez shared the news of the donation.

“I am beyond grateful that God would trust me with something that not only saved a life, but changed mine in the process,” Raisa said. “This was part of our story, and we will share it soon, but what is important now is that this is not the only story.”

Raisa also advocated for people to educate themselves on Lupus and on how they may help the cause – perhaps one of the underlying causes for the sudden spike in donations to the Lupus Research Alliance.

Since the news of the selfless donation were released, fans have become obsessed with this mysterious friendship which nobody even realize was so intensely strong and beautiful.

Francia Rais is one amazing Girly Warrior we admire.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian Reveal Touching Video of Pregnancy Journey and their Baby Girl

The two are proud parents to a strong little girl

Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. is the newborn daughter of tennis champion Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.

Serena shared with her followers that although she went through several complications during the birth which forced them to stay in the hospital the whole week, the two left carrying a healthy, happy little girl.

Alexis shared a touching video of Serena’s emotional journey through her pregnancy, including winning Gram Slam Title at the Australian Open in January while she was secretly pregnant.

The Girly Warrior said that she plans on returning to play tennis, but it may be assumed that she will likely take some well-deserved time off to spend with her beautiful baby girl.

Has a future tennis champion been born?

Will she inherent super-intelligence and super-strength from her incredibly talented parents?

Let’s wait and see – but no pressure, baby girl.

Take a look:

Plus Size Model Recreated Kim K’s White Swimsuit Look – And She Slammed It

Her pictures are drop-dead gorgeous

Few women would have the self-confidence to pose in a white swimsuit with open sides that leave your boobs holding on for dear life behind the fabric – but plus-size model and fashion designer Diana Sirokai just proved that there is no specific body type for rocking a hot look.

Kim Kardashian’s white swimsuit photoshoot was one a few which nearly broke the internet, but while women are still struggling to figure out how to get Sir Mix-a-lot’s itty-bitty-waist-and-round-thing-in-your-face-body, other women are showing us how the beauty of body confidence can be portrayed in virtually any body.

And how do you get that beautiful look?

Confidence – and a smile helps, too.

Sirokai’s waist is nowhere near itty-bitty – but it’s drop dead hot in this white swimsuit look.

This fashionista has over 400K followers on Instagram tuning in to see her stunning outfits.

Take a look at a beautiful woman, in a different body:


A post shared by D I A N A S I R O K A I (@dianasirokai) on


A post shared by D I A N A S I R O K A I (@dianasirokai) on

Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Yoga Breathing Technique is Easy and Effective

She claims this helped her during times of stress

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve endured the stress levels which Hillary Clinton experienced during her years of politics.

While she had already run for office in the Democratic primaries over eight years ago, Clinton faced a much more grueling campaign when running for the presidential office opposite Donald Trump.

While many men and women alike rooted for the possible-first-female-POTUS, Clinton also faced investigations and constant battles against partisan scrutiny.

In her new book, “What Happened”, Clinton describes a breathing technique which helped her rebalance during stressful periods.

The alternate nostril breathing method is very common in yoga practices.

While there is no scientific evidence to back up some of the claims she makes about the breathing’s impact on left/right brain areas specifically – the breathing is certainly a great way to pay close attention to your depth and pace of breathing.

When you focus on inhaling and exhaling – especially with such precision as this technique – you may very well guide your body out of an anxiety attack.

Actress Amber Tamblyn Speaks Out Against Sexism In Entertainment Biz and Scrutinizing Expectations of Women

She has a lot to say about how women are treated in today’s society

Amber Tamblyn has been acting since childhood, and her exposure to the ups and downs of Hollywood has encouraged her to speak out against the repeating sexism she witnesses in the business and in today’s culture in general.

She revealed that she faced sexism in her young teenage years in the show biz, but at the same time she aims not to make her appeal about her own personal experience but of the general phenomenon which we have accepted as the status quo.

Women are told to watch what they wear, be careful where they go, watch what they say, watch how they raise their children and how they speak – it seems like there is an endless list of rules of etiquette and safety which women need to follow in a world they should feel free to conquer and explore.

Take a look:

Lena Waithe Becomes First African American Woman to Win Emmy for Comedy Writing

It was an exciting acheivement for the actress, producer and screenwriter

You may have heard her name for the first time during this year’s Emmy awards, but Lena Waithe has been leading a behind-the-scenes role as a writer for several TV series and viral videos.

Now, she has been publicly recognized for her achievements on one of the most prestigious stages one can hope to give a thank-you-speech on.

Waithe won the award for co-writing an episode of “Master of None” (in which she also appeared as an actress) with series co-creator and star, Aziz Ansari.

The episode, called “Thanksgiving”, was based on Waithe’s personal experience of coming out as a lesbian.

Overcome with emotion while receiving the award, Waithe emphasized the importance of diversity in the entertainment industry.

Her intriguing personal character, as a lesbian African American woman with a great sense of humor and wit, altered the character which Ansari first planned to create and gave the character a makeover towards becoming more diverse and with it, more intriguing.

Take a look: