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She is brilliantly smart

Burkhart is a university student in Michigan who has a total of five dogs!

Yet, of course, as a student, she could not take all with her and only one little cutie called “Bella” lives with her while the others stay with her parents.

Bella has a very unique friendship with one of the dogs back home, so whenever they go to visit, sparks fly.

There’s a special reason, however, by a picture of these best buds went viral.


Bella likes to climb on top of her best bud when she wants attention near the other big dogs, when she wants to beg for treats and pretty much anytime she feels like being lazy and have herself transported from room to room.


They even sleep like this, piled up!

Her buddy doesn’t seem to mind at all, in fact – he loves the attention.

Take a look:

The Internet is Convinced That Ivanka Trump Has Also Fallen Into The Justin Trudeau Infatuation

You can’t blame her

A few days ago photos of Ivanka Trump meeting the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have gone viral – and the internet is now convinced of a love triangle (or square, or hexagon?) being formed.

Justin Trudeau has been a target for infatuation since he took office – which is understandable considering he is pretty much the most handsome and charming PM ever to take office in Canada, or, perhaps in the whole world.

When Ivanka Trump met the handsome PM for the first time, Twitter users were quick to point out a possible spark in her eyes.

Now, Ivanka is a happily married woman, with adorable children and a loving husband.

We’re sure she is a committed mother and wife, and perhaps glaring at someone with love and adoration in your eyes is perfectly normal – especially if it is under the Justin Trudeau charm – because let’s face it – many more have fallen under his spell.

Judge for yourselves:

Hilarious Tweets To Summarize Being Single on Valentine’s

Because the internet will always love you.

Cupid didn’t shoot an arrow this year?

Perhaps he did but you’re trying to pull it out of your friend-zone bff and jab it into Ryan Gosling instead?

No worries – there are millions of other singles to share this day with, and some of them have a great sense of humour to make you feel understood on this mushy, gushy day in which couples overspend on dinner and flowers and singles overspend on pizza and champagne.

Take a look at the best tweets by some very honest singles:

5 Pairs of Complete Strangers Who Met Their Doppelgangers

These coincidences were freaky!

Have you ever met a new person who told you, “damn, you really look like a person I used to know!”?

It’s common to be mistaken for others, or to possess some specific trait reminds people of someone famous, or someone they used to know well.

We are all humans after all, and similar features are natural, statistically speaking.

However, have you ever met someone who looked so much like yourself, that the two of you would even confuse your family if standing side by side?

And if you do have a non-related twin out there, what are the chances you will run into him or her?

These folks met their doppelgangers in completely random ways, and their pictures are so incredible, you won’t believe they’re not related!

Take a look:

The pair that randomly met on a flight, then checked into the same hotel and decided to grab a beer!

Hollywood sign vandalized to read ‘Hollyweed’

What a prank to start 2017!

Let’s start by saying, no, we do not condone vandalism.

However, with that being said, let’s admit that it takes quite a lack of a sense of humor to find this prank offensive.

The overnight prankster did not paint over, break or destroy the iconic Hollywood sign.

Rather, he used cloth and clips to cover up parts of the O’s in the sign to turn them into e’s.

Artist Zach Fernandez and his former wife are said to be the vandalists under investigation, yet they do not seem to regret the cause, saying that they will be “OK” with the consequences, and bragging about how they resourcefully made the alteration on a tight budget.

Would you call the act vandalism, or perhaps a work of art?

Where does one draw the line?

One thing is for sure, it sure did make some people enter the city with a smile!

Take a look:

Photos That Went Viral in 2016

Thank goodness for the internet – or we wouldn’t have felt this much emotion in one year.

There have been many photos to go viral on social media this past year, some funny, some sad, some mind boggling and some inspirational!

Who knows why some random things catch fire so quickly – but be as it is, the internet has been good to us this past year with social media fuel.

Remember that one time UFC fighter Conor McGregor was photographed with a fan, tagged in her Instagram, and then he took the liberty to steal the photo and crop her out?


Original photo:

Three legends.

A photo posted by Erin Safran (@erinsafran) on

The photo McGregor later posted:

Gucci mustard

A photo posted by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

Or the hilarious Christmas spirit of this excited little pup when he met his hero:

Take a look of 13 more photos which went totally viral this past year:

This Woman’s Tweets About Her Trying to Hit on Her Uber Driver Went VIRAL!


Several major life lessons were learned in this process.

19-year-old student Kelli Amirah headed to Twitter to share a very emotional story about an Uber driver who rocked her boat with his dazzling good looks one Saturday night.

Heading to a fun night out, her driver caught her attention yet shy little Kelli decided to take the complicated road to asking him out and the story that unraveled is hilarious!

Check out the full story as told from her tweets:

Amy Schumer Should Be a VS Angel

Yeah, we love this woman.

Amy Schumer always makes us laugh when we need it most – even if she is laughing at herself, and rolling on the floor doing it.

She’s the epitome of self-love and self-acceptance, and while many women worldwide sat in front of the TV with their girlfriends and a loaded pizza to watch the Victoria’s Secret Angels strut their impossibly perfect bodies down the runway, she made sure to pick up the humor ball and remind women that nobody is perfect – not even a stand-up queen like herself.

Schumer joked on Instagram about joining her Angel bffs! Take a Look:

Dang, woman, way to clear the air and finally throw some humor into this whole bombastic event!

The angels looked stunning, and the lingerie just as mesmerizing, but it’s nice to joke around from time to time to feel better about the fact that realistically, 99% of the female population does not look like these goddesses.

If you needed another reason to love Schumer, here’s an Instagram picture she uploaded of her belly bulge titling it “solution” instead of “problem” area:

Raise Your Hand if You’ve Dated Leo

They’re not mad and they’re definitely not sad!

Both Amy Schumer (trainwreck and female warrior) and Erin Foster (Gigi Hadid’s stepsister and Hollywood socialite) weren’t going to be left out of the fun and poked fun at the Angels walking the Victoria’s Secret Show in Paris.

The backstory: 

Amy Schumer – comedian, newest Barbie (!!!!) and powerhouse.

Best known for not giving a f**k (as you can see below) and speaking her mind.

amy schumer

Let’s introduce you to Erin Foster – if you aren’t familiar with her, you’ve probably heard of her family. Her dad, David Foster, was married to Yolanda Foster, Gigi Hadid’s mom (how small is Hollywood?).

Erin & Gigi:


Making things even more intriguing, David Foster was married once upon a time to Linda Thompson, who was married to Bruce Jenner (aka Caitlyn), the dad/mom of the Jenner boys & girls (Kylie and Kendall).

Now watch what both Amy Schumer and Erin Foster said and did while the VS models were flying to Paris!

You decide.

Naughty or nice?




Kylie Jenner Fans Hoaxed into Thinking She Was Awarded Medal of Freedom by President Obama

Yes, this happened.

Good morning America, the land where people believe that Instagram celebs are awarded the highest civilian honor in the country for, well, being hot and cute on Instagram.

*palm face*

A photoshopped image of Kylie receiving the Medal of Freedom went viral, causing an uproar of comments from fans and non-fans alike.


Some of them were super excited for the teen, expressing how much they are proud of her many achievements (like the Kylie lip kit?).

Others were enraged by the honor, and expressed their disappointment in their country.

Kylie’s response to the viral tweet?

‘stfu lmfao.’

Yep, we expected that elaborate answer.

In any case, don’t worry folks – the medal was really awarded to Barbara Streisand along with other top performers, actors and athletes.

Streisand’s face was quite peaceful in the image before Kylie’s was slammed right on top.

Although Kylie does seem to fit the role very naturally in the photo.

What do you think?

Jimmy Fallon Cracks Us Up With New Viral HashTag #MyFamilyIsWeird

The top 7 Tweets

Jimmy Fallon is well known for his hilarious challenges in which fans submit stories, tweets and videos of hilarious things from their private lives.

This time around, he asked users to Tweet about a weird family member with the hashtag #MyFamilyIsWeird.

The results are quite entertaining:


Sharing your special day with the family pooch: 


Funniest Dad on Twitter Tweets About Life As a Father To Four Girls

James Breakwell, who calls himself the “exploding unicorn” has a hilarious take on raising his four daughters.  

His tweets perfectly summarize the funny and the WTF moments parents have with their young kids.

In this specific case, they are four young, smart and extremely witty girls.

Take a look at some of his best tweets: