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Ratatouille Tartlets

These are so easy, you’ll feel unchallenged

Meatless Monday calls for a spontaneous, colorful recipe to leave you full and guilt-free.

This ratatouille is full of scrumptious veggies and a crunchy base.

The bite-sized treats are great for a starter – or you can opt for one big tart for a pie-like main dish.

All you will need to do is dice an array of common vegetables, sauté them in a pan, lay out a tray of fillo shells and fill them up with some cheese (optional) and the veggies.

The recipe can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like – with plenty of options to add mushrooms, beans, avocado (after the baking) and more.

Serve these alongside a summer salad for a light meal or serve them along an array of vegetarian tapas.

Either way, the crunch will be addicting and the simplicity of this recipe will have you coming back to it every week.

Take a look at this simple, yet satisfying treat:

Vegan Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Prepare to drool!

If you’ve chosen veganism as a way of life or if you’re simply trying to cut out dairy for health reasons, this vegan peanut butter cheesecake will give you a whole new perspective on vegan food.

While the common notion is that vegans eat cardboard (because what else is there to eat?), you’d be surprised at the variety of delightful treats you can make without meat, dairy or even eggs.

In fact, this cheesecake isn’t only cruelty-free and safe for the lactose-intolerant, it’s high in protein, too – so you can actually satisfy your sweet tooth after a workout and not feel too guilty!

This cake is filled with healthy, natural treats such as dates, almonds, cashews, peanut butter and bananas.

Can your dessert get any more satisfying than this?

Take a look at the recipe that will have you kicking out the butter and implementing more nutritious desserts in your menu:



Nourishing yourself before a busy day doesn’t need to be difficult

Take a look at this simple, yet delicious, breakfast idea which will save your precious time in the mornings.

All you need to prepare a healthy, high protein, low-fat breakfast for your family is a few simple ingredients and some oven-safe mugs.

Eggs are a very flexible choice for breakfast because they may be baked with a variety of delicious and healthy goods in the mixture.

In this recipe, the egg is mixed with a tomato-basil base, although you may easily roast some vegetables and set aside the veggies in small containers in the fridge, to add a different mixture to your eggs every day.

For example, you may enjoy your eggs with any combination of sweet potato, mozzarella, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, mushrooms, spinach and much more.

Take a look at your next go-to breakfast recipe:


Breakfast for the whole week

Instead of grabbing a boring granola bar in the morning and feeling hungry half an hour later as you’re on your way to work, try this quick and easy no-cook overnight oats recipe to fill you up with fiber, protein and vitamins from your favorite fruit.

the recipe is simple, with natural, healthy ingredients which can be varied throughout the whole week.

While granola bars and other grab-and-go breakfasts are usually loaded with artificial sweeteners and a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce (warning sign), overnight oats are a great way to prepare for a quick breakfast without wasting your precious morning time.

Keep a stock of fresh fruits, oats, honey, peanut butter, yogurt and milk, along with any additional toppings you like such as sugar-free granola, raisins, mixed nuts and more.

If you’re looking to increase the amount of protein in your breakfast – add a tablespoon of chia seeds! They will swell up in the liquids for a thick texture.

Take a look:


Prepare to melt at these pictures

Meet Sarah Lynn. She’s a certified personal trainer who LOVES inventing healthy recipes, and she has a special passion for dessert recipes in particular.

The uniqueness in her desserts is that they are gluten free, high protein and simple – meaning they are very minimalist in ingredients – you won’t find unhealthy additives to her recipes, no matter how mouth-watering, chocolatey and mesmerizing the end results are.

You won’t believe that these are actually good for you!

Skip the bakery this week and take up a bake challenge at home.

With such simple recipes, and great nutritional values, how can you not be tempted to try these at home?

Your jaw will drop once you take a look at her addictive Instagram account:

Her recipes often include healthy ingredients such as protein powder, sweet potato, coconut milk, sugar-free peanut butter and more.

Take a look at her signature 5-ingredient cake recipe which started it all:




Stay away from the sugar-loaded ice cream this summer

If you’re looking for a healthy summer treat that isn’t basically sugar mixed with heavy cream, try this new dessert hack that will make you addicted to frozen yogurt – in bark form.

It’s basically like a bowl of muesli, only frozen and fun to eat with your hands.

It’s a great way to get the kids to snack on healthier alternatives to ice cream, and to make it more appealing, feel free to mix in some gummy bears or chocolate kissing along with fruit pieces.

All you will need is a tray, parchment paper, greek yogurt, honey, a variety of berries, and any additional frozen yogurt topping your heart desires.

Prepare ahead of time, as it’s best to leave this treat to freeze overnight.

Quick, easy, no-bake and healthy!

Take a look:



What’s the best way to eat healthy when you’re not at home all day?

Prepare your food ahead of time, of course!

Sitting long hours at the office or running in between meetings can often leave you with making poor food choices.

You don’t want to waste time or too much money, so you end up buying lunch at the nearest venue.

When you eat out too often, it becomes nearly impossible to track the nutrition of your day’s meals.

Prepare some healthy grain-based meals at home and you will be able to make sure you are consuming your daily needed vegetable, grains and proteins without the sneaky sugary sauces of restaurants and fast food joints.

This recipe is simple and easy to make in large amounts for more family members.

Simply pop a range of veggies in the oven, prepare brown rice and quinoa separately to mix it up, and make your own, healthy, simple sauce.

These bowls don’t need to be heated, so you can eat them on the go!

Take a look:



A sedentary lifestyle can cause detrimental health issues

If you work long hours at a desk job, you are more likely to be frequently sick than a similar person who incorporates more movement into their daily life.

Sitting down all day puts you at high risk for inflammations – and furthermore, you are likely to feel hungry more often and over snack, leading to weight gain which is already hard to put off when you aren’t active.

While there are some foods that will help naturally boost your body’s immunity, they are not a replacement for physical activity.

If your busy lifestyle makes it difficult for you to find time to workout for a full hour in the morning or evening – try to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle, little bits at a time.

Simple changes in your daily routine such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking a 5 minute break to do some stretching and plank on your office floor can keep your body in a much better physical state then if it sits the entire day, taking only bathroom and lunch breaks.

Take a look at the foods that you should incorporate to help fight the sedentary lifestyle inflammatory responses:


Saving time doesn’t mean eating the same meal every day

Food prepping has become a major hit amongst busy workers and healthy eaters because it allows you to efficiently plan ahead your weekly food budget as well as monitor your calorie and nutrient intake to satisfy a healthy, but not expensive, lifestyle.

Although most of the beautiful food prepping pictures you see on Instagram boast an array of suburban-neighborhood-type of uniformity amongst the meals – it really doesn’t have to be that boring.

You can choose one common base for all of your meals (such as ground turkey, chicken breast, stir-fried tofu, beans, etc.) and mix it up with the rest of the meal’s ingredients.

That way, you don’t spend too much time cooking several different proteins but you are also able to quickly whip up several days worth of food.

If you want our advice, those Instagram-worthy photos of a seven-day meal plan may look appetizing the moment the picture is taken, but please don’t eat meals that have been sitting for an entire week in the fridge – especially not if they include a chopped salad or a fried egg.

Some things are just meant to be eaten fresh, and nothing should be eaten after more than a few days – you will be losing both nutritional value and savory taste.

Take a look at this mix of meals which can alternate between lunches and dinners – as they are not identical!


Sorry frozen food isle, we shall part our ways

Making your own tailored ice cream at home is much easier and quicker than you think!

No, this isn’t a magical recipe for calorie-free ice cream – it’s not going to be very dietetic, but it sure will be healthier than most of the brands you will find in the stores.


The ice cream you buy from the supermarket is often loaded with unhealthy ingredients – all it takes is a small peek at the ridiculously long list of ingredients which may often include, to name a few of the most unhealthy: Mono and diglicerides, disodium phosphate, benzyl acetate, mono stearate, propylene glycol, sodium benzoate, polysorbate 80, potassium sorbate, modified corn starch and soy lecithin.

Moreover, although you are likely to put sugar in your own homemade ice cream, you can control the amount and opt for healthier sweetening options such as honey or pure maple syrup.

If you can make your treat a little bit healthier and still enjoy a luxurious taste – why not?

Remember – whichever flavor you choose to create – it’s always best to rely on natural ingredients.

For example, try making your own cookie dough with natural cocoa instead of premade cookie dough.

Take a look at the recipes:


It may be time to dump the greasy goodness

A study conducted over a long period of years found a higher tendency for people who regularly consumed French fries to, well…die.

Before you start hyperventilating over the bar food you munched on last night – relax.

The study isn’t definitive and for now, it only found an association.

It is, however, clear that consuming high amounts of fries is not recommended.

Regardless of the study, it’s well known that fast food fries tend to contain high amounts of fats and sodium – not the type of treat which you would like to share with your body on a regular basis.

They are packed with calories and the worst part is – they don’t fill you up very much!

You can snack on an entire bowl without even noticing how quickly it’s gone.

Next time you have the munchies for a treat – try to make healthier choices, because they are always available if you are creative.

If you’re at a bar – grab a bowl of edamame instead -It’s packed with protein and delicious to munch on.

If you’re at a fast food joint – grab a filling salad and instead of fried nuggets, opt for grilled chicken.

The warning signs you see on cigarettes may very well soon appear on some of your favorite fast food items.

Hopefully, you will kick them out of your diet long before that.

Take a look:


Meatless, Dairy-less and Egg-less Monday (Or Tuesday Or Wednesday or Thursday…)

Have some vegetables lying around and a stock of pineapple preservatives?

This recipe is quick, easy, healthy and free of animal products!

If you thought that vegans ate only carboard, this recipe might just make you curious about reducing your meat and daily intake.

You won’t even feel like anything’s missing!

The recipe is a great base for an interesting, wholesome meal.

Pineapple is an amazing detoxifying fruit to help you debloat – and there are many ways to include it into your diet, not just raw and cold!

If you would like to upgrade the nutritional value of this meal, swap white rice for whole rice to increase your fiber intake, and stir along some tofu cubes with the vegetables.

The tofu will soak up the delicious sweet and sour sauce!

Take a look at the recipe below, and follow So Vegan for more delicious vegan recipes!