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Gorgeous Men Doing Yoga

We’re just here to learn some Ashtanga

Whether you’re a long-time yogi or just a woman who likes abs and man-buns, you will love this series of men performing some stress-relieving, body-twisting yoga moves.

Yoga is a great way to relieve tension, strengthen your muscles and improve your breathing while connecting to your body and mind.

While many stigmatize yoga as a “feminine” practice – these photos prove that strong men practicing yoga are more appealing than Brad Pitt on a motorcycle.

Is there really anything more attractive than a dude with a passion for the physical, mental and spiritual practice?

We’re aware of the cliché idea that men attend yoga classes to watch women twist and turn in the butt-hugging yoga pants, but has anyone ever noticed that men are just as head-turning in this beautiful practice?

What can we say – may we all discover our chakras like these awesome dudes:

"Man has built in himself images as a fence of security—religious, political, personal. These manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. The burden of these images dominates man’s thinking, his relationships, and his daily life. These images are the causes of our problems for they divide man from man. His perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in his mind. The content of his consciousness is his entire existence. The individuality is the name, the form and superficial culture he acquires from tradition and environment. The uniqueness of man does not lie in the superficial but in complete freedom from the content of his consciousness, which is common to all humanity. So he is not an individual". Probably the best thing I've ever read Krishna Murti 📕… 📷 @leeroy.t

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Luke Bryan Made An Exception For An 88-Year-Old Fan To Touch His Butt

Usually, he has a very strict no butt-touching rule

Luke Bryan is an American country singer and songwriter, and he also happens to exert effortless charm and handsomeness.

A year ago he revealed on the Ellen DeGeners Show that his butt has become so popular that he had to apply a strict no-butt-touching rule during his meet and greets with fans, as they somehow always snuck in a squeeze of his bum.

Objectification is wrong whether it’s of a woman or a man – so we completely understand his policy.

During Bryan’s recent Kansas City show, however, he decided to make one exception – for an 88-year-old fan who just really, really looked up to him.

Francis Stanaway is battling terminal illness, and when she went to see the performance of the singer, she got quite a fantastic checkmark onto her bucket list – she was invited backstage to grab a piece of that famous, strictly forbidden bum.

Her face says it all:


Steve Carell is getting used to his new title

Apparently, the latest news from 2017 is that Steve Carell is suddenly a grey fox.

Yep, it happened.

The quirky, funny, awkward 54-year-old is Hollywood’s latest eye candy, according to the sudden wave of tweets praising the actor’s striking good looks after the release of several paparazzi photos catching him in some shades and a tight sweater looking cooler than ever.

Here are some of the best reactions on Twitter to sum up the heart throb Carell caused with his striking good looks:

How did Steve Carell react to becoming an overnight sensation as the newest hot shot of Hollywood?

Just as we would expect from the comedian:


An eye-candy account which will enlighten your day

Forget about following Jay Alvarrez’s young six-pack abs on Instagram to fulfill your daily dose of fantasy.

For the more mature women who want to be impressed by real men, there’s a new account going viral and it’s blissfully and surprisingly PG-13-kind-of-sexy.

Sometimes an adorable, happy, proud father is simply more romantically charming than a self-centered hunk with chiseled abs (not that these dads are lacking in the looks department).

The account is called @dilfs_of_disneyland (please no judgement!) and it’s full of images that will make you want to wear a wedding dress.

DILF spotted at California Adventure 😍😍😍 #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland #dilf #dadsababe #theireyes

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Yes, you may have a strange mix of feelings here – but that’s ok!

So, why are parenting skills so impressive?

Perhaps it’s an evolutionary trait which places women in survival mode – find a strong man who knows how to rock a tiara for his daughter and you know your offspring will be in good hands.

Feast your eyes:

too cute😍😍😍 #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland #dilf #dadsababe

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Well. Hello there. DILF spotted on Main St.😍😍😍 #dilfsofdisneyland #dadsofdisneyland #dilf #dadlife #hotdads

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The Internet Is Going Crazy Over Pictures Of Young Justin Trudeau

The leaked photos went viral, very, very fast.

What happens when internet users uncover photos from the dreamy Canadian Prime Minister’s youth?

Armageddon, that is what happens.

People everywhere are falling deeper in love with the young politician who has already conquered so many hearts when he advocated for feminism, for indigenous women, for refugees, for #blacklivesmatter.

Let’s not forget that he announced that he would like for Meryl Streep to portray him in a movie.

Yep, he’s a Prince Charming, and the role of Prime Minister has never been so sexy before.

Now, there are new cards in the game, and young Justin Trudeau is officially everyone’s fantasy boyfriend.

Photos have surfaced of the PM in his youth, as well as a viral picture of, well, his butt.

Even straight men can’t take their eyes off.

The internet is exploding with memes, love letters, infatuation and adoration.

Take a look at some of the best responses:

This Male Model Working Out With His Cat is What Instagram Was Made For

Prepare to press “follow”

Travis Deslaurier is a Canadian actor and model, and he looks like a chizzled piece of heaven.

Of course, looks aren’t enough when it comes to a guy.

Are we really that shallow?

So, if looking at a picture of Travis shirtless with “Shape of You” playing in the background is not enough to make you emotional, check this out – Travis has a best friend, who is a cat.

He adopted his furry buddy, Jacob, when he was going through a rough period in his life.

Back then, Jacob was just an itty-bitty kitty.

Jacob has his own page meow😽 @jacobscrate This was the first day I got him! #furrbaby #fluffybastard #jacobscrate

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Today, the duo is inseparable, and Travis even works out with his feline companion, who doesn’t seem to mind being a helpful workout partner.

His cat-snuggling poses on Instagram are endless, and they are mesmerizing!

Me & #fluffybastard reunited 😼🙌🏽 #petlover #jacob #meow

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Celebrity Daddies and Daughters

The hottest dads of Hollywood share their beautiful father-daughter moments

Sure, we like to see them shirtless, playing roles which involve uniforms, and jump through burning cars to catch the bad guys – but what really makes our hearts melt for the charmers of Hollywood is their emotional side.

These daddies wear their superhero capes at home, when they are showing the world their pride in the little women who control them more than any other Hollywood diva.

Dwayne (a.k.a. The Rock) Johnson constantly boasts about his own beautiful gift on social media:

Channing Tatum proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes…and sometimes they wear a bunny suit.

Onesies pimp walk

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Take a look at some of our favorite Hollywood dads:

Ryan Gosling Had The Cutest Reaction To Emma Stone’s Speech At The SAG Awards

His face was simply edible.

Let’s start with the fact that Ryan Gosling, as usual, arrived at the ceremony looking like a late Christmas gift wrapped in a tuxedo gift-wrap.

Both Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are hot on screen this year.

Gosling was nominated for Best Actor in this year’s Oscars and Stone for Best Actress, both for their performances in “La La Land”.

Last night, when Emma Stone was awarded with the 2017 SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her performance in “La La Land”, she had quite the quirky, rambling speech.

Although – nothing we wouldn’t expect from Emma Stone, and we love it.

One particular fan stood out from the crowd with his reactions – Ryan Gosling was making an absolutely adorable face when listening to her speech – and couldn’t stop blushing when she mentioned her experience of working with him (again).

Take a look:



Britney Spears goes public with new boyfriend to start 2017

IT’s official! Britney has a new man in her life!

This New Year’s, Britney took to social media to confirm her new relationship with hunky personal trainer, Sam Asghari, who she met on set of her music video for ‘Slumber Party’.

While the relationship is still quite unclear, it’s clear to see that Britney is enjoying the company of this mystery man.

And yes, we already approve of him.

Be who God created you to be, and stand out for the right reasons

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A cozy photo of the pop singer and her sexy Persian boyfriend on Instagram was the clue which had her fans hungry for more details.

Happy New Year 🎉🎉🎉

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Take a look:

Best of 2016 – Breakthrough Men

Who are the newest, hottest rising stars of Hollywood?

Forget about Brad Pitt and George Clooney, there are new players in town and they are no less talented or exciting.

It seems like we can be locked in on our favorite male stars for decades before they are replaced with a new wave of young talents.

We grow up with them, we admire them from their first boy-band hairstyle until the grey hairs start twinkling through the beards, yet there is always room for new and upcoming stars to shine and conquer our hearts.

From acting to directing, it’s not easy to enter the Hollywood scene and actually be noticed amongst the more experienced and well-known talents.

Yet some, such as 31-year-old Oscar-nominated director Damien Chazelle, have already rallied up a strong name and made an irreversible impression at a young age.

The young director is known for his films “Whiplash” and now the new “La La Land” romance starring one of our favorite on-screen couples, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Take a look at some more handsome rising talents:

In-Depth Analysis of the Hunk, Mark Wahlberg

His Tough guy look isn’t a prop, he’s been through more than you know.

Mark Wahlberg makes us laugh and blush like no other – perhaps it’s his dazzling looks, his charisma or something in his eyes which reflects a tough history that draws us nearer.

Wahlberg was a criminal long before he was an actor.

He grew up in a poor neighborhood in Boston, among 9 siblings, where he was involved in crime yet eventually began a music career and later kicked off his acting career starting with “Boogie Nights”.


Oh and by the way, he’s also an amazing dad if you were wondering (that’s it, we’re in love!):

Had a great Father's Day with my family today, hope you all enjoyed yours! ❤️

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