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Did Taylor Swift Just Mock Kim Kardashian’s Robbery In Her Music Video?

This theory is making people angry

Ok, there are endless theories about Taylor Swift’s controversial music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” – some may be right, some may be completely fabricated out of random guesses.

One theory, however, seems to be supported with too many clues to be ignored – and it’s the bathtub scene.

Taylor Swift is sitting comfortably in a bathtub filled with diamond jewelry, and she points a “gun” with her hand.

To remind you all of the infamous Kim Kardashian robbery, Kim was robbed at gunpoint and led to sit in a bathtub while her mouth was duct taped.

Too many similarities, but we’ll leave the judging to you – as we doubt that Swift will explicitly admit what the scene was about.

So far, people are not liking the possible reference.

A near-death experience which left a woman traumatized is not something to joke about, no matter the quarrel she had with Kim.

Take a look and see for yourself:


Jennifer Garner Reading the Children’s Book, “Go The F**K to Sleep”, Is Moms Everywhere

Jennifer Garner Reading the Children’s Book, “Go The F**K to Sleep”, Is Moms Everywhere

Because honesty is brutal

45-year-old Jennifer Garner is, aside from a brilliant actress and sunshine-filled woman, also a mother to three young children whom she shares with ex-husband, Ben Affleck.

While her split from Affleck still hindering in the air amidst their continuing divorce process, it’s nice to reflect on Garner’s humorous side, as it is one of the tools which she uses to deal with her emotions.

In an interview to Vanity Fair last year, Garner admitted that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have helped her through the struggles of divorce (on-screen, that is) by filling her life with a bit of humor and smiles.

Perhaps the most admirable trait of Jennifer Garner amidst the divorce is her dedication to the happiness of her children, which pushed her to maintain a close-to-normal family relationship with their father even amidst cheating rumors.

While her love for her children is beautiful, we have to admit that it also makes us smile to reflect upon this lovely piece of poetry, which involves the mother reading the book “Go the F**K to Sleep”.

Moms everywhere can empathize with the honesty.

Take a look:


Taylor Swift Kills “Her Selves” in ‘Look What You Made Me Do” Video

May the old Taylor Swift rest in peace

We already received pretty lucid clues as to Taylor Swift’s message when she released the lyric video of “Look What You Made Me Do”, but now the full music video is out, and people are having mixed feelings, including awe, shock and confusion.

Is the innocent, sweet Taylor a thing of the past?

Taylor Swift has been involved in a lot of celebrity feuds recently, and it seems like she’s reached her breaking point.

She has attempted with this new single to put on a tough girl face and approach of “my reputation is ruined and I don’t care” – but is this really her?

While the video portrayed the “old versions” of Taylor Swift being “killed” by her new self, we actually like all of the versions of Swift which led her up her success today and earned her a massive group of followers who adore and look up to her.

Miley Cyrus had her phase in the controversial spotlight, and perhaps she needed the self-discovery until she found who she wanted to be, but is that what Swift is endeavoring to leap into?

Take a look at her new video, and let us know what you think:

Fifth Harmony Threw “Camila Cabello” Off the Stage at VMAs

A low blow aimed at the former band member

You would think that Fifth Harmony have moved on from the loss of their fifth arm by now, but Camila Cabello is still receiving heat from the group’s fury.

At the 2017 VMA’s, the remaining four ladies of the group decided to start their performance with a mysterious fifth woman on stage, only to have her dramatically fall backwards and disappear from sight once the music started.

Is it a symbol of Cabello’s “abandonment”?

Is it to show that they are “whole” without a fifth member?

If they were really so whole and over it, would they still be dealing with childish references and jabs at the former member?

While nobody but the girls themselves knows the true story behind how Cabello announced her departure – if she felt like she wanted to express herself as an individual artist, nobody should shame her for it.

Perhaps she could have departed differently, or with more sympathy, but Fifth Harmony continue to succeed as a group of four and it’s likely that their fans will appreciate seeing them focus more on themselves and their own strength and unity, rather than make an effort to tear down another woman.

Take a look at the controversial act:

Camila Cabello: Ending Friendships is Harder Than Relationships

In a recent interview, the singer may have hinted about a tough parting from her girl band

Camila Cabello decided to go solo and leave Fifth Harmony – because she claimed that she wasn’t maximizing her self-expression in the group and wanted to grow as an individual artist.

While she wished the best for her former squad, the split was not done without damage, as the remaining four girls of Fifth Harmony claim that her departure was cold and unthoughtful, after giving notice through a representative and refusing to meet with them directly to discuss.

The strong friendship that led to the group’s success is no longer one that Cabello is a part of, and in a recent interview, she seemed to hint about the split from the group, while talking about the difficulty of ending friendships.

To her, ending friendships is even tougher than ending relationships, because it is less expected.

Take a look:

Tailor Swift Released a New Single, and the Internet Has Mixed Feelings

Is this a new, vengeful Taylor Swift?

Taylor announced that her new album will be released in November, yet more surprising – is that she released a new single TODAY.

The internet’s reaction is quite confused.

The cute, innocent Taylor Swift who initially rose to fame seems to have turned into a bit of a more vengeful and intimidating character than we are used to, and people are wondering – is Swift taking her celebrity feuds too far?

With lyrics such as “I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me.” – the single may very likely be addressing feuds such as the infamous one with Kanye West, in which both sides turned out a bit shady.

Some believe that she is also referencing Kay Perry and even her ex, Calvin Harris.

One thing is clear, Swift is introducing us to a new version of herself, whether it’s a brief play or a real transformation.

Take a look at the lyric video:



People Are Angry At Kendall Jenner’s Adidas Ad

It’s not the first time her ad has come under fire

Kendall Jenner already took some heat for her Pepsi ad, as people found it offensive to social movements such as struggles against police brutality.

Now, Jenner and Adidas are coming under fire for a new Adidas Original ad which depicts her in a top and underwear inside a hibernation chamber and comparing her pose to the famous “Birth of Venus” painting.

Many people on social media were upset with the ad, who they believed should feature an inspiring athlete, and not a model

It’s nothing new, however, for models to represent sports brands, as practically all of the biggest brands, including Nike.

Moreover, Adidas is most definitely not worn by athletes alone and even people who aren’t mildly athletic in any way are big fans of the brand’s offerings.

The brand caters to various target audiences, and some of those audiences are Kendall Jenner fans.

Jenner, on her end – is a model.

Why should she refuse such an opportunity to represent a major brand?

While we would love to see more inspiring women in ads – Jenner doesn’t deserve to be shamed for every campaign she participates in because people don’t find her “inspiring enough”.

Venus reborn @KendallJenner for

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Kylie Jenner Said She “Went Too Far” With Her Lip Fillers

The reality start is opening up about the dark side of the procedure

Kylie Jenner’s entire makeup empire is practically built on the scrumptious lips look, but in fact her lips used to be a very big insecurity for her.

For years the young starlet denied the fact that she had even gotten lip injections, although it was obvious.

While many judged the reality star for being “fake” and dishonest, it is understandable to note that the issue was a big insecurity for Kylie, who grew up in the spotlight and was used to being scrutinized under a microscope for how she looked, acted and dressed.

She did however, admit to Complex that not only did she regret her dishonesty, she warns that the injections are quite painful to get, and that she may have taken them too far.

While there is nothing wrong in adjusting your look if it makes you feel confident – remember to never let it happen out of pressure from others – you may regret it , especially at such a young age when you are still deciding who and what you are.

Kristen Bell Tells Faris/Pratt Fans Not To Be Sad By the Split

Fans seem to be taking this more roughly than the couple themselves

Fans everywhere have been consoling one another over the split of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt.

There may even be petitions and GoFundMe accounts opening up to save the splitting couple – however, should fans really be so surprised?

According to Kristen Bell, there is no need to mourn the split of this beloved Hollywood couple, because their divorce isn’t necessarily coming from ant negative feelings between the two or loss of love, but simply from the natural difficulty in being a successful Hollywood couple.

Chris Pratt has been climbing on the Hollywood scale of success in recent years by taking leading roles in more serious movies.

As Bell explains, actors often take opportunities to shoot movies which distance them from their loved ones for months at a time, and it can have a grueling effect on a relationship.

Often, Hollywood couples reach a point when they need to decide if to halt their career or focus on a stable family life, and for some, this is a difficult decision.

It’s easy to judge when you’re not in another’s shoes or have even had the chance to come close to their opportunities, dilemmas and lifestyle.

Did Blac China Take a Low Blow At Rob In This Music Video?

That was low…very low

It’s clear that Blac China will go far to humiliate her ex-fiancé, after sending him passionate pictures with another man, getting a restraining order and constantly throwing hints at not giving a rat’s behind about the separation.

Now, however, in a new music video by P.O.P., called The Power of the ***** (insert derogatory word for a female body part) she makes an appearance right as the song lyrics go:

“You were seduced by her sin/ Don’t let Lucifer in/ She took you for everything/ You let her do it again.”

Does anything ring a bell in regards to Rob and Chyna’s relationship?

Buying her fancy jewelry, cars, a house, allegedly paying for her weight-loss surgery…and then the two splitting, with Chyna showing off her quick rebounds.

We may know only the tip of the iceberg of the story between the two, but it seems like maybe Chyna is throwing a low blow at Rob.

These two share a daughter together – is it really mature to be sending out a message that she seduced Rob into providing for her and then stabbed him in the back?

Whether she is just making an appearance in the clip or she really wants to be associated with the lyrics, it’s not in any way an empowering message for women, and not one we would expect the mom of a baby girl to be supporting.

Check out the full video:


Are Brangelina Calling Off the Divorce?

The two haven’t been moving forward with the divorce

There have been quite a few heartbreaking Hollywood splits this past year, but the Brangelina split was definitely a surprising one, considering the couple has been able to stand tall and proud through the difficulties of raising 6 children, and still somehow balance a career and activism.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016, and moved out with the couple’s children.

Nearly a year later, however, a source told US Weekly that the two haven’t been doing anything to move forward with the divorce and it seems unlikely that they will.

Pitt has admitted after the infamous private flight incident, in which Jolie claimed he was verbally violent towards their adopted son, that he had quite a drinking problem and had since sobered up for the sake of becoming a better person.

While it hasn’t been directly publicized by Jolie, there are speculations as to whether the pause in the divorce proceedings is coming from a place of forgiveness and willingness to try and mend the tear in the family.

If we can’t have Chris Pratt and Anna Faris together, can we please make Brangelina a team again?

When Twitter Refused to Delete The Hate Tweets He Reported, He Sprayed Them In Front Of Their Office

Where should we draw the lin between freedom of spreech and violence?

Shahak Shapira is a writer, musician and satirist who happens to also come across a lot of hate content on social media.

Shapira understands that some offensive comments are mere bad jokes, but sometimes, it seems like they are calls for violence.

That’s where reporting comes in – the biggest social media platforms give the users the option to report a post or photo for being inappropriate.

While Shapira has had hundreds of inappropriate Facebook posts removes after he reported them, he has barely received any response from Twitter, who don’t believe that calling to “kill the gays”, for example, is inappropriate.

Shapira has reported hundreds of Tweets which are borderline violent

Some of the tweets are homophobic, some are against Muslims, some against Jews, some against blacks – and all the ones he reported are cringeworthy to say the least.

Shapira decided to take a controversial stand.

Since he can’t unsee those posts, he doesn’t want Twitter to unsee them either.

Take a look at what he did: