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she rocked a swimsuit

While many celebrity moms shy away from Instagram after having a baby, country singer Jessie James Decker wasn’t afraid to show that her post-partum tummy was looking  a bit different than before her pregnancy.

In a recent Instagram post highlighting her vacation fun, she posed in a bikini and one of her hashtags was #loosemommyskin.

Just another day in paradise!!! #icetea #kittenishsuit #comingsoon #loosemommyskin photog @edeck87

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Many of her fans applauded her openness while others struggled to see any flaws at all.

While she still looks fabulous in a bikini and probably has a nicer post-partum tummy than most women have before they even get pregnant, we need to remember that beauty is very relative, and we all judge ourselves by what we are accustomed to see on ourselves and in our immediate environment.

For a celebrity who is used to having a tight, flat tummy, having “mom flabs” – even the tiniest ones – is a major body change to accept and may cause insecurities the same way major stretch marks would cause any average woman.

Her acceptance of her new body proves that these changes, big or small, are normal and irrelevant!


Some experts tend to blame celebs on social media

In the past three years, there has been an explosive increase in the number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures being carried out in clinics – and it is no longer just popular among older women seeking to fill out a few wrinkles.

Girls as young as 16 are heading to clinics to have their lips filled to “perfection”.

Dr. Simon Ourian, famous for all the work he has done on the Kardashian and Jenner ladies, gives credit to the women’s immense influential power through social media.

Today on my app I share laser treatment tips with @simonourianmd1 #Epione #LasersAreLife

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While Dr. Ourian feels blessed to touch up some of the most influential celebs in the US, other physicians are quite worried about the trend, as they see their clients becoming younger and younger and more and more “narcissistic”.

Are the celebs really to blame?

fly away my friend

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Social media is filled with body-positive messages, too, although perhaps not as ubiquitous.

Wouldn’t it be easier to teach young women self-love, and to differentiate between reality and pop-culture brainwashing posts, than to blame social media and give it the power which it does not deserve?

Instead of staring at posts of celebs showing off their butt implants and becoming self-conscious about your own itty bitty booty, how about reminding yourself about your own beautiful attributes – and they don’t necessarily have anything to do with looks!

This Girl’s Makeup Transformations Are Amazing!

Talk about artistic talent!

Letisha Velasco is an English language student in the Philippines, although taking a glance at her Instagram account, which has over 30 thousand followers, you would guess that she’s a professional Hollywood makeup artist.

The talented young woman discovered her passion for makeup when she was young, and began her experimentation with transformation into famous faces three years ago, beginning with Angelina Jolie.

Her transformations include much more than female celebs – she even does incredible makeup transformations into male celebs such as Leo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and more.

You will not believe her before and after photos.

Her cute, girl-next-door Asian face is transformed into a range of recognizable faces, of different genders, different races and different expressions.

It comes to show that makeup can change a face completely – so perhaps we shouldn’t be quick to compare ourselves to celebs and Insta-stars for their impeccable faces.

A bit of talent can turn you into a different person.

Check out her best transformations:

Sexy Vanilla Sugar Body Scrub

Treat yourself and feel wonderful in your soft, glowing skin!

This body scrub will invigorate your blood flow, exfoliate and smooth your skin, provide it with luscious moisture, and leave your body feeling and smelling luxuriously sexy.

Are you ready to give it a try?

Forget about expensive store-bought body scrubs – you can easily make this at home, and it will probably be more effective as well – because you are using all-natural ingredients, no fillers, stabalizers or unpronounceable chemicals.

This body scrub uses almond oil and brown sugar, but there are plenty of different variations, so feel free to prepare a few different scrubs to try out each week.

You may use coconut oil and sugar or salt, you may add rosewater, switch the vanilla with lavender for a refreshing scent – be creative!

You may even sub the sugar for ground coffee (good quality coffee) which promotes better blood flow.

Take a look at the easy procedure:

10 Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Maybe you can’t afford the designer, but what about the style?

Sometimes it’s easy to just believe that anything will look great on these gorgeous celebrities, regardless of what they wear, but after you see the dresses, you’ll be imagining yourself twirling your way to the alter.

Of course, with high-end designers it’s easy to reach your dream dress, but there are plenty of ways to use inspirational features of expensive dresses to incorporate into your own wedding dress.

All you need is great imagination, a talented and affordable designer, as well as some alternative cloth that doesn’t involve Chinese silk woven by 600 blind virgins in a temple.

Yes, that’s exactly how we imagine celebrity wedding dresses are made.

Take a look at some of the most jaw-dropping dresses to date:

Kate Middleton

This Beauty Blogger Creates Incredible Garments Using Just a Sarong Scarf!

Her techniques are so creative and simple!

Brisa is a Brazilian beauty blogger with great tips on makeup and fashion.

She creates unique shirts, skirts, dresses and rompers using a simple rectangular scarf and tying techniques which will blow your mind!

Her videos are easy to follow and highly creative, teaching you how to use a single sarong to create multiple unique garments which are sure to turn heads!

Thank goodness for social media, which exposes us to these amazing talents!

Take a look how a simple yellow sarong can turn into a dazzling outfit:

She’s just as talented with her easy-to-follow makeup tutorials!

Check Out the Fabulous Fashion Style of Olivia Munn!

She’s gorgeous, funny and fashionable!

Olivia Munn, 36, is a spotlight hogger at red carpet events – and no, it’s not just because she is drop-dead gorgeous.

The star has one of the most desirable fashion senses in Hollywood, and never fails to turn heads whether she’s at a movie premier or in between flights.

Check out her Insta-poses:

#tbt 2 days ago in NYC (last day with my long hair!)

A photo posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

She even has the best, and perhaps even daring, experiments at the hair salon, chopping off her hair moments before hitting the red carpet:

Hey thanks!! @instylemagazine The magician behind the scissors is the one and only @cwoodhair 💇🏻🙌

A photo posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

The actress’s love for fashion compliments the confidence she radiates outward, with a dazzling smile and fun sense of humor.

Wonder where she gets her unique looks from?

Her dad is American, and her mom is Chinese!

She even speaks fluent Japanese after growing up in Japan during her childhood.

Yep, this woman is full of surprises!

Check out her latest looks:

5 Big Fashion Moments From 2016

Check out the eye-turning fashion moments of the year

Not every year has substantial fashion statements which have us talking about for months at a time, yet we can all agree that 2016 has been a year where the waters have begun to simmer and bubble in the fashion world, and we’re looking forward to what 2017 has to bring.

It’s not just about more beautiful, more extravagant and more daring – there have been highlights in the fashion world which are making powerful statements of freedom of expression, the diversification of beauty standards and the way in which we teach our daughters to love their looks no matter the industry ”standards”.

  1.      Ashley Graham becomes a rising star as the first plus size model to be features on ‘Sports Illustrated’ magazine:

How to Make Christmas-Themed Flower Crowns

Christmas is here and the children need some distraction!

Don’t let the kids run around your feet in circles as you prepare the Christmas feast!

There is enough stress and noise in the air, so why not discover a fun, holiday-themed arts and crafts moment for the little ones?

This cute tutorial will show you how to make Rudolph the Reindeer flower crowns.

You will just need to prepare ahead the paper antlers and stick them onto a regular stiff headband.

Prepare some flowers, leaves and pretty much any festive material for your kids to wrap around the band and make sure to leave them with a bottle full of glue – it will keep them busy for hours, and trust us – that’s what you want!

Get a glimpse of the great idea:

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger – Eyeliner & Mascara

You’ll fall in love with these simple tips.

Watch professional make-up artist, Tu-Anh demonstrate how to properly apply eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow to create an eye-enlarging visual effect.

If you’ve seen side-by-side pictures of your favorites celebrities with and without makeup, you know that a signature look can be more about your style of application of makeup rather than the natural shape of your face.

Makeup can’t make your nose smaller or your cheekbones higher, but it can enhance the look of your natural features through emphasis, blurring contouring and more.

The regimen may be a bit time consuming on a daily basis if you leave early for work, but why not try a few easy tips before a night out?

Grab a water spray bottle, some cotton balls and Q-tips, eyeshadow, both black and white eyeliner and mascara.

Take a look at the process:

Natural Foods to Plump Your Lips

The natural way to pucker up!

Check out these foods that will make your lips fuller, healthier, and rejuvenated.

Some of the biggest problems with lips for women are dryness from the environment or lack of hydration and irritation from cosmetic products.

Sure, you can dab on some lipstick and create an enlargement façade with a lip pencil, but once the products are off you are left with dull, damaged lips underneath.

If you really want to achieve long term plumpness, it is best to turn to the kitchen and nourish yourself and your lips – not just for that beautiful pucker but also for relieving yourself from the irritating cracking and peeling of your lips!

Some of these can be easily found in your kitchen.

Take a few minutes to enhance your lips each days with these essential ingredients:

Sweeten Up Your Beauty Routine With Honey

Honey is so much more than a delicious sweetener – it’s a beauty product!

Honey has an incredibly long list of nutritious benefits that can boost your health inside and out.

This golden treasure is rich in minerals, vitamins, and amino acids and also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties.

Because honey contains traces of pollen, it is also believed to help cure allergies due to an immune system response of producing antibodies.

Various people with serious dandruff problems often use honey to soothe and disinfect the irritated scalp.

It’s great as a moisturizer and its ability to fight bacteria may help clear the skin for a clean, purified look.

So why not use honey in your beauty routine?

Find out how you can use this sweet substance to improve the texture of your hair and skin: