Find Some of Your Healthiest Options in the Frozen Food Aisle

Fresh doesn’t always mean better

While our instinct at the supermarket is to choose fresh vegetables over any frozen options for a healthy lifestyle, we may be missing out on some of the most nutrition-dense products.

Your fresh vegetables aren’t as fresh as you think – they typically travel long and far before reaching your suburban supermarket, and have lost many of their nutrients since they have been harvested.

Frozen vegetables, however, are vegetables which have been frozen up to two hours after being harvested, and they are frozen in a method which retains their vitamins and antioxidants at the highest level.

While you can’t make a salad from frozen vegetables, there is a variety of delicious dishes you can prepare from cooked vegetables, such as curry, soups, stir-fry, and more.

Some vegetables’ nutrients are even better absorbed after being cooked.

What are you waiting for?

Stock up your freezer!

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