Olivia Munn Is Not Confident Hollywood Will Act Against Sexual Harassment

She doesn’t see change about to come along

Olivia Munn was one of 6 actresses who came forward and accused director Brett Ratner of sexual harassment.

While Warner Bros allegedly cut ties with the director, his career is certainly not over in Hollywood.

Munn says that while she is happy that more and more women are speaking out, she is fearful that there will not be a big change in Hollywood, but rather a wave of “punishment”, meaning, she believes that the women speaking out will soon be fearful of what may come upon the future of their careers.

She clearly stated that this was not the first time she had spoken about the sexual misconduct of Ratner – and that for years she had been opening up about it to anyone she knew and even to producers closely linked with him.

Hollywood remained silent, however, until the complaints were too public to ignore.

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