Why Was Amber Heard Afraid of Coming Out?

Apparently, she was never “in”

Amber Heard was recently questioned about her sudden public outing with a woman, with whom she was holding hands.

The stunning actress who was married for 2 years to Johnny Depp and later had a one-year relationship with none other than Tesla’s Elon Musk said that she was faced with 2 choices when she left a restaurant one evening with her female date long before she was linked to Depp.

With paparazzi buzzing outside, she could have shied away and let go of her date’s hand, or she could have owned it and not given a rat’s butt what anybody had to say.

According to the actress, many warned her that coming out could be detrimental to her career – but she feels like she was never “in” – she never had anything to hide, and still doesn’t now.

Why are we so preoccupied with other people’s private lives?

A person’s sexuality is theirs and theirs only, and it’s about time we allow people to live their lives without categorizing them.

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