Olivia Wilde Releases ‘Fear Us Women’ – Documentary About Female Kurdish Fighters Against ISIS

The documentary is incredibly emotional and empowering

Olivia Wilde has executively produced a powerful documentary about the Kurdish women who haven taken up guns and boots and headed out into the frightening war against ISIS.

These women left behind their families and vowed to dedicated themselves to the mission of releasing their homeland from the hands of the vicious militants.

It is said that ISIS fighters are afraid to die at the hands of women, as it means, by their belief, that they will not go to heaven thereafter.

The Kurdish women, knowing this belief, use it as a powerful fear tactic in their battle against those who were otherwise unafraid to die.

Wilde hopes that watching this film will empower women from all over the world to continue fighting for their rights, and realize that they have the power to change the status quo.

You may stream the film on its official website.


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