Sexual Assault Survivors Joined the #MeToo March in Hollywood

A revolution in women’s empowerment

Every since the first allegations against Harvey Weinstein popped up, more and more women have gathered the courage to speak out against sexual assault and reveal their own stories of abuse.

Weinstein isn’t the first powerful man accused of sexual assault in Hollywood, and he won’t be the last, but hopefully the increasing courage and endless support surrounding victims of sexual assault will deter more moguls from continuing the abuse, not only in Hollywood, but in any work or personal environment.

The #MeToo campaign was significant in its concept of taking away the shame from women and giving them a powerful net of support to finally speak out without fear of judgement.

Hopefully, this marks a new era, in which women will no longer be afraid to speak, afraid to say no or afraid of losing their jobs if they stand up for their rights.

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