Drew Barrymore to Spend Thanksgiving With Ex

Family is on the top of the priorities

Last year, Drew Barrymore finalized her divorce from her husband of four years within 3 weeks of filing.

Both of them wanted a quick and painless divorce process which will allow them to remain amiable for their two young daughters.

There were no disputes and the process did not even require a court hearing.

The two are now doing amazingly well at continuing a co-parenting life, 18 months after their separation.

Drew Barrymore is an amazing example of a powerful woman putting her family before anything else.

To place pride and personal preferences aside and gather together with her ex and his family for Thanksgiving is a beautiful example of a mother’s love.

It’s clear that her two daughters will grow to be strong, loving women, and will not miss out on a wonderful family-oriented childhood.

What do you think about Drew Barrymore maintaining the family tradition after divorce? Is it always possible to remain so amiable with the ex?

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