Wife-Carrying Championship Race – It’s a Thing

It takes a lot of practice…so start getting your romance on

There are many unique races to test your running abilities under more interesting circumstances than a typical track, such as mud races and obstacle courses.

This is by far one of the most hilarious couple-based races out there.

The official “wife-carrying” competition requires both participants to be in good shape.

The woman hangs on the back of her man upside down, gripping his torso with her legs while he sets off on a race to complete a course through mud and fences.

What is the grand prize for this bonanza?

12 cases of beer and a check to the sum of five times the woman’s weight (so maybe pack on some pounds before entering?).

While the concept may seem silly, it looks like a great way to spend some sitness-oriented quality time with your other half.

The fun part is training by making your husband carry you romantically to bed every evening – all for the race, of course.

Take a look:

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