Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are Engaged!

She’s already an experienced TV bride, now she’s planning her real life wedding

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas made their fans swoon with emotion when they first announced their relationship back in November of 2016.

Just a little less than a year later, the two have made another major announcement as a couple – they are engaged!

Sophie unveiled a (huge) diamond ring on her finger in an Instagram post captioned….well…you can guess.

The two had even adopted a puppy together this September – a big joint commitment.

While the two have been quite private about their relationship so far, most fans are quite sure that Jonas will be a better match for Turner than any of her Game of Thrones suiters (ok…no big competition there).

Sophie Turner, 21, and Joe Jonas, 28, have yet to reveal their planned wedding date.

Would it be too cliché to expect a GOT theme?

Take a look:

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