Hollywood Rejoices As Weinstein is Expelled From Academy

Sexual assault has its consequences

In response to the many allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided to expel him.

Weinstein, once a strong force in the academy, will no longer be a member of the prestigious leaders of Hollywood following the outburst of women, many of them well known actresses, speaking out against him with claims as harsh as rape.

While the charges are still under investigation, the plethora of prominent women voicing their stories make the allegations seem more and more likely to be true about the sexual misconduct of the entertainment mogul.

Even if Weinstein ends up behind bars, the story of sexual assaults in Hollywood doesn’t end here.

Many prominent individuals in the industry are calling for a thorough investigation of all of the complaints filed against various industry leaders pertaining to sexual assault.

There have been too many cases that were swept under the rug and it’s about time, with the momentum of the Weinstein case, that they be uncovered, and women will take back power in these male-dominated industries.

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