Wonder Woman Director Works to Get Actresses Higher Salaries

there will be a revolution in Hollywood

Patty Jenkins is breaking boundaries, and we’re not just talking about her achievement as a powerful female director who managed to mount an incredibly successful female superhero film.

Jenkins wants to work towards a new era in Hollywood – an era in which women are being paid equal to men for similar-level roles.

She explains that the gender pay gap is prevalent in Hollywood just as it is in other industries.

Moreover, it’s not that easy to become a respected female producer in a male-dominated industry in the first place.

It’s up to strong, persistent and talented women like Jenkins to encourage fellow women to follow their dreams and aim high event where sexism is rampant and women are used to undervaluing their work for lower pay.

It’s about time that equality reaches the entertainment business as it is beginning to become a central topic in many fields which were, until recently, dominated by men.

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