Rose McGowan Rises As a Major Voice Against Sexual Assault

The actresses wants women’s voices to be heard

Rose McGowan is speaking out after claiming that Harvey Weinstein had raped her.

the actress speaks out about the overt sexism in Hollywood, and worst of all – the Hollywood culture of sweeping sexual harassment cases under the rug.

McGowan claims that she was “blacklisted” in Hollywood because she “got raped”, meaning that once a woman is a victim of sexual assault, speaking out means costing her career.

McGowan explained that at the time, when she was just 23 years old, she didn’t report the crime to the police because a legal lawyer advised that she will not win.

Why? Probably because women are still being victim-blamed until this day.

Maybe it’s because a leading name in Hollywood is likely to be backed and supported by many other strong forces in the industry while a young actress trying to build her career can easily be shushed, threatened and shattered.

Although she didn’t report the case to the police, McGowan claims that she I fact has a written document proving a small settlement was reached privately between her and McGowan to stay silent.

More than anything, McGowan isn’t just asking women to speak out, she is asking fellow men in the industry to support them and give them assurance that they will not be threatened and shut down when they do.

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