How Often Should You Really Work Out?

Don’t be stressed if you can’t fit in a work out every day

Fitness truly is a lifestyle more than an activity, because if you want to maintain your fitness level, you have to be very consistent.

With that being said, nobody expects every full-time worker or mother to look like a fitness model.

There are many sacrifices to be made if you want to work out every day, and for many people, those sacrifices simply aren’t worth it.

Unless you are getting paid to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, don’t frustrate yourself with every-day workouts.

Make yourself a schedule which you can comfortably stick to.

3 times a week is a great amount of workouts for most working individuals, and if you can occasionally squeeze in some more – that’s great!

Try to get into a morning workout routine in which several times a week, you wake up earlier to exercise.

Not only will you feel proud of yourself the rest of the day, you also won’t sacrifice your evening time, a.k.a. your post-work “me” time.

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