Healthy, Easy Packed Lunch Ideas

Don’t stress it

Winter is coming ladies and gentlemen – which means, if you want to stay strong and healthy through the flu season, you best be getting your vitamins and minerals!

Eating healthy has a tremendous effect on your immune system as well as your general energy levels.

If you’re a full time worker, a student, a mom, or practically any human being who isn’t a reality star who gets paid to exist, you probably need to pack yourself a healthy amount of energy to start the day.

Eating out every day at work can be pricey, but more significantly, it is usually not so healthy.

The best way to ensure you are not packing extra calories, and that you are getting enough nutrients is to pack your own lunch.

Here are a few easy ideas for a healthy week ahead.

Take into consideration that you can definitely cut down preparation time if you prepare some of the ingredients ahead of time – such as roasting a large amount of veggies and keeping them in the fridge, along with pre-cooked quinoa.

Get yourself a bundle of Tupperware and start filling them up!

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