Sofia Vergara Documents Mammogram Online

The actress and businesswoman is encouraging women to get checked

Sofia Vergara is a successful actress and businesswoman as well as a loving mother.

Every year, she uploads a “mammogram selfie” to social media (no, it’s not an nsfw picture) to remind women that they need to get checked regularly.

Vergara opened up about having thyroid cancer back when she was 28 years old.

She had her thyroid removed and has since been healthy, but she explains that the experience was a wakeup call which reminded her the significance of getting regular checkups.

Getting a mammogram isn’t that fun, but it’s definitely worth the precaution.

The checkup should be done once a year, especially if you have family history of breast cancer.

The more potential illnesses you may avoid, the better.

Catching breast cancer early can mean the difference between life and death – and unfortunately, until we manager to eliminate cancer from existence, our best bet at fighting the vicious disease is early detection.

Schedule an appointment so that you can relax and know that you are on top of your health, always.

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