Dove Apologizes for Racially Insensitive Ad

What was Dove thinking with this ad?

Dove recently received reputation-endangering backlash for an ad which does not in any way seem to fit the brand’s latest marketing campaigns surrounding the concept of women empowerment and body-acceptance.

It’s not the first time that Dove has received backlash for its unconventional advertising, but you have to admit that in previous cases, their intention was to be empowering in some way.

There was the #choosebeautiful campaign which portrayed women choosing to enter a building through a door labelled “beautiful” or a door labelled “average”. The ad’s intention was to show that any woman can choose to view herself as beautiful, yet many critics didn’t like the emphasis of beauty at all.

There was also a customized-bottle-shape campaign which was supposed to be a sort of symbol for acceptance of various body types, and that too, did not receive the best reviews.

One thing is for sure, Dove knows how to get people talking about a brand who has pretty been making soaps and lotions for 6 decades.

Their latest controversy is hard to defend.

They released an ad showing a black woman cleaning herself down to reveal a white person.

Could that have been more tastelessly racist?

Take a look at the ad and apology:

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