Simple Moves To Tighten Your Core After Pregnancy

Get back to your strong, healthy self

Staying fit during the course of your pregnancy isn’t easy.

For each woman, the 9 months of pregnancy pass by differently – some who were very athletic prior to the pregnancy will find themselves able to work out nearly until the end, while others, my have much discomfort even during the earlier months.

If you are not a workout fanatic but you are looking to strength and tighten your core postpartum, you will find these Pilates exercises very useful and efficient.

Most importantly, you can do them in the comfort of your own home with nothing more than a mat, and preferably also a small Pilates ball.

These are small, yet very effective moves which target specific core muscles which will help you feel stronger fast while also tightening the area which is often quite loose after pregnancy.

When you have mastered these, you may get back to a more intense workout routine, but remember to always listen to your body and take it step by step.

Take a look:

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