New Babysitter App Based on Recommendations

This will make date night so much easier to plan

Is your regular babysitter out on vacation during your most critical weeknight?

Don’t worry, this app will let you recruit a last-minute babysitter easily from your mobile phone, while saving you the necessary meet-and-greet-and-background-check bonanza.

Only about a third of the babysitters who sign up for the app are approved, and the applicants are chosen by the parents in need based on recommendations by other parents in the community.

Leaving your kids with a stranger is always less comfortable, but when family or your go-to babysitter are unavailable, at least you know that you are hiring a trustworthy guardian who has been approved by other parents.

Don’t miss out on a romantic date night with your partner or a fun girls’ night out because of your parenting duties – your kids are a full-time job, and unless you like being on constant house arrest – you deserve some time for yourself.

Check it out:

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