Ariana Grande: Women Should Support One Another

The singer is trying to inspire women to be more accepting

While women are busy tearing each other down, competing and boasting about looking “hotter”, being more successful, wealthy or fashionable than others, Ariana Grande is making it clear that she does not believe women should be stepping on one another.

The 24-year-old singer said that in an era so consumed by misogyny, it’s our role as women to support one another and not “claw each other down”.

Grande likes to define herself as a feminist and believes everyone should do so – men and women alike.

Moreover, she believes support is something that should be present in all social groups.

If you see someone being hurt – even if they are not linked to you – stand up for them.

It’s a scary world out there, especially with today’s social media bullying in which people use the anonymous power given to them behind the keyboard to completely humiliate and tear down other people they don’t even know.

Make the world a better place – and stop tearing down other women.

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