Paris Jackson Walked the Red Carpet Makeup-Free

She looked stunning

19-year-old Paris Jackson might be one of those gorgeous Hollywood celebs to be expected to adhere to the glam-life stereotypes, but besides being the daughter of the late pop King Michael Jackson and being rich and famous, she’s actually pretty down to earth.

In fact, Paris Jackson hates the notion that women need to adhere to certain beauty standards.

She isn’t a fan of hair removal, as we have seen in her Instagram posts boasting armpit hair and a hair-growth competition with her brother, and she likes to ornate her body with a new tattoo every time a unique idea comes to her mind.

Pretty much, she is showing her followers that being beautiful isn’t necessarily about altering yourself to the typical standards – it’s about accepting yourself as you are and heading out into the world in whatever way you feel comfortable and confident.

Jackson just hit the red carpet all-natural – a.k.a. makeup-free, and we just realized how beautiful it is to let go and be yourself.

She was stunning in a while new way – like, “I just woke up and I’m ready to conquer the world” type stunning.

Take a look:

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