Covergirl is Adding a Motorcycle Racer and a Trainer to Their Roster

Because strong is beautiful

This isn’t the first time Covergirl has made a move to diversify their representatives.

They have been very inclusive, highlighting a 69-year-old model and women of various ethnicities and unique looks.

Now, they have recruited a few powerful women who prove that beauty doesn’t have to be delicate.

One of the models is a professional motorcycle racer, who says that she enjoys sticking out in the male-dominated sport with her feminine makeup.

The other latest addition to the team is a tattoo-decorated fitness trainer who feels like a bright red lipstick perfectly complements her muscular physique.

Women don’t need to be delicate to be beautiful – in fact, their fearlessness, self-confidence and strength makes them so beautiful and inspiring.

We love how Covergirl is changing our perception of beauty to be more inclusive and diverse.

One day, young girls will no longer make it their goal to have a specific body type or look – but rather aim to be strong, confident and conquer their passion – whether it’s a sport, a business venture or being a fashion legacy – confidence will be the new definition of beauty.

Take a look:

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