‘Wonder Woman’ Director Says It’s Not a “Women’s Film”

Jenkins hopes people would stop referring to it as a chick flik

Wonder Woman broke box office records not just as the highest earning film led by a female director but also in its success in surpassing other top Marvel films in its ratings.

While there was a big wave of women and girls eager to watch the movie, it was enjoyed by men and women alike and its plot was far from being a basic “chick flik”.

There was no boy talk, shopping, braiding or any stereotypical chick flik motifs to this film – instead, it was an exciting action film which just so happened to be led by a female action hero.

Patty Jenkins dreams of a day where the success of a film will not be determined by its dominant gender or race, just by the quality of the story and production.

There is nothing surprising about the success of a classic comics-based movie – it was just surprising that it was one led by a female character.

Hopefully, this will no longer surprise us in the future.

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