Adriana Lima Shares Her Workout Routine

This angel has been in shape with VS since 1999

Adriana Lima, who has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for nearly two decades and is currently the mother of two, is still strutting a rock-hard physique down the runway with more confidence than most of her younger colleagues.

Lima reveals that she does not take time off from working out nor is it seasonal – she is ready to hit the runway all year long at a moment’s notice.

She works out every single day, and her routine primarily consists of boxing, along with alterations of weight lifting, jump roping, and workout classes.

And yes, she’s a pro at jump roping:


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While working out every single day is probably not realistic for most working moms, when it’s your career – it makes sense.

However, one thing to learn from Lima’s routine is that you certainly need to enjoy it.

Whether you enjoy kickboxing or any other sport, make it your priority – as long as you’re moving, you are taking a giant leap forward in your journey to stay healthy.

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