Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Helps Clear Fallen Branches To Help Community After Hurricane

Setting an example is the most powerful method of teaching

Sister Margaret Ann was not going to take some rest days when the school she teaches in was closed down due to the hurricane which devastated Florida.

Miami-Dade County policemen noticed the nun, fully dressed in her heavy religious attire, sawing away at fallen branches and helping remove them from the blocked roads in her community.

The officers posted a video of the courageous nun online, and they went viral.

She explained that although police assured her that the debris would be cleared up by the officials, she believed that it would take too long and didn’t want people being hurt in the process.

Her idea was to actively contribute and set the positive example she preaches on, with her own two hands.

She used a chainsaw which she had found in her school, and wasted no time getting to work, all by herself, on chopping up local fallen trees.

Sister Margaret Ann is the epitome of practice what you preach.

What a Girly Warrior!

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