T-Swift’s LWYMMD Director Says Beyoncé Copied Her Look

How exactly did this all start?

Well, quite frankly, as many recent dramas, when a sneak peak of Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do video was released, beehive fans were quick to accuse Taylor for copying Beyoncé’s look during her Super Bowl performance of Formation.

When the full video was released, people were quiet, as there was little to no resemblance at all between the two works of art.

Taylor Swift’s director, however, did not let the accusation go.

In fact, he even backfired with his own accusation, that Taylor Swift was the first one to adorn a similar outfit of black crop top and bullet chains in her Bad Blood video – and that Bey, in fact, was the copycat.

Was it not enough to just say that there is no resemblance?

What was the reason for continuing into a mini attack on another amazing female artist?

Can we stop turning these powerful women against each other?

They have fans, young fans, and those fans should be taking example of unity between women, not competition.


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