Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Finally Revealed Their Relationship in Public

The internet is loving it

While the two celebs were heavily rumored to be dating for years – since 2013 to be exact – they have only now shared some PDA for the first time while spending the weekend at a friend’s house in Malibu, essentially revealing a not-so-secret secret.

Foxx, 49, and Katie, 38, have allegedly started dating a year after her split from Tom Cruise, but never publicly revealed their romance and even denied it multiple times.

E Online

There are many speculations as to the secrecy, including allegations that Katie’s divorce contract included a clause limiting her from publicly dating anyone for 5 years after the divorce (which end in 2017).

It may also simply be a way to protect her and Tom Cruise’s daughter from a confusing situation.

Either way, fans are thrilled to see the Dawson’s Creek starlet happy and in love – so much so that the paparazzi pictures of the pair enjoying a walk on the beach has the melody of “I don’t wanna wait for our lives to be over” playing in our heads.

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