Serena Williams Gives Birth to a Baby Girl!

For now, she will be ditching tennis rackets for diapers

Serena Williams, 35, just gave birth to her first child together with fiancé Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, and it’s a healthy baby girl!

Many celebs congratulated the new parents on social media, among them Beyoncé who shared a lovely pregnancy photo of Williams to her Instagram:

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Serena Williams and her fiancé reported earlier throughout the pregnancy that they do not want to know the sex until the birth, but that they both “have a hunch” that it’s a girl.

Her explanation was that with everything that the baby went through and overcame like a champ through her pregnancy, it must be a girl – only a woman can survive it all.

With a superstar tennis mom and a high tech dad, it’s safe to say that this little girl will grow up a strong, empowered woman.

Will she be the next female tennis champion of the world?

She did already participate in a competition, that is – in momma’s belly.


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