TBT When Kim Kardashian Said She Was Taylor Swift’s “Biggest Fan”

No, this wasn’t in a parallel universe

It’s hard to imagine Kim and Taylor actually supporting one another since their infamous feud, after Taylor was caught contradicting herself about giving permission to Kanye for using certain lyrics about her in his music video “Famous”, revealed due to Kim secretly recording her.

Yet, a bit of digging let Entertainment Tonight to find an old video of Kim Kardashian back in 2009, telling her fans what her absolute favorite song was at the moment, on constant replay – and guess what?

It was a Taylor Swift song – “Love Story”.

Moreover, Kim explained that having just joined Twitter, she was “following” Taylor closely.

Agh, the good old days when there was nothing but positivity and support between these two women.

Does anyone think they will get over the drama, and call it truce?

Take a look at the throwback:

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