Paris Jackson Careless About Her Leg and Armpit Hair

No, she doesn’t care what you think

Paris Jackson is known for her blatant individualism and empowerment – she has no intention to conform to common beauty standards or try and adjust to a typical celeb image of a young woman her age.

Many women are praising the celeb for rocking the natural look and ditching the shaving trend, because she seems to be sending a message about “conventional beauty”.

While there is nothing wrong about shaving – let’s admit, most of us love to be bald and smooth from the eyelashes down – it’s important to also send a message to young women that there is nothing wrong with not shaving, and we shouldn’t be pressured to adjust ourselves to norms which we have no preference for.

Young women should have their freedom of choice when it comes to grooming practices, fashion choices and self-expression.

Who knows, maybe the unshaven look will, in itself, become a “trend of not following trends”.

if you're not competing with your brother over who can grow longer leg hair wyed

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