Miss UK Handed Back Crown After Pageant Organizers Told Her To Lose Weight

She didn’t expect anyone to be so blatantly cruel

28-year-old Zoiey Smale was crowned Miss UK and was preparing to compete in Miss United Continents in Ecuador next month when she received a surprising request from the pageant organizers.

The national director told her that the organizers in Ecuador wanted her to lose weight for the upcoming competition.

Smale told the Daily Mail: “They want you to go on a diet plan and they want you to lose as much weight as possible for the finals.”

She explained in a Facebook post that she refused to represent a pageant which encourages young women to aim for a 00 size instead of focusing on their achievements and goals.

Smale believe that queens are supposed to inspire and bring communities together, not deal with extreme dieting to fit beauty standards.

We’re proud of this woman for taking a stand to empower women and teach us that there are much, much more important goals than being beautiful to aim for.

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