Did Taylor Swift Just Mock Kim Kardashian’s Robbery In Her Music Video?

This theory is making people angry

Ok, there are endless theories about Taylor Swift’s controversial music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” – some may be right, some may be completely fabricated out of random guesses.

One theory, however, seems to be supported with too many clues to be ignored – and it’s the bathtub scene.

Taylor Swift is sitting comfortably in a bathtub filled with diamond jewelry, and she points a “gun” with her hand.

To remind you all of the infamous Kim Kardashian robbery, Kim was robbed at gunpoint and led to sit in a bathtub while her mouth was duct taped.

Too many similarities, but we’ll leave the judging to you – as we doubt that Swift will explicitly admit what the scene was about.

So far, people are not liking the possible reference.

A near-death experience which left a woman traumatized is not something to joke about, no matter the quarrel she had with Kim.

Take a look and see for yourself:


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