Taylor Swift Kills “Her Selves” in ‘Look What You Made Me Do” Video

May the old Taylor Swift rest in peace

We already received pretty lucid clues as to Taylor Swift’s message when she released the lyric video of “Look What You Made Me Do”, but now the full music video is out, and people are having mixed feelings, including awe, shock and confusion.

Is the innocent, sweet Taylor a thing of the past?

Taylor Swift has been involved in a lot of celebrity feuds recently, and it seems like she’s reached her breaking point.

She has attempted with this new single to put on a tough girl face and approach of “my reputation is ruined and I don’t care” – but is this really her?

While the video portrayed the “old versions” of Taylor Swift being “killed” by her new self, we actually like all of the versions of Swift which led her up her success today and earned her a massive group of followers who adore and look up to her.

Miley Cyrus had her phase in the controversial spotlight, and perhaps she needed the self-discovery until she found who she wanted to be, but is that what Swift is endeavoring to leap into?

Take a look at her new video, and let us know what you think:

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