Saturday Was National Women’s Equality Day – What Does it Mean?

A few interesting facts about the lesser-known day

Many of you don’t know, but August 26th marks the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which finally allowed women to vote equally as men, 143 years after the Constitution was signed.

While women’s rights were still very limited – the suffrage amendment marked a giant leap towards empowering women.

Women having the right to vote was symbolic to their significance in building the nation just as the fellow male citizens.

Today, although it may feel like we’re done with fighting for women’s rights, the fact is that in most industries in most countries, women are still being paid less than men for the same jobs.

We still face stigmas and lower expectations in normally male-dominated fields such as high tech.

Even Hollywood, which delivers cultural messages to our younger generation, is still dominated by men.

How do we continue?

We continue by teaching our daughters that they can be whatever they want when they grow up, and teaching our sons that girls are their fair competitors in every field.

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