Fifth Harmony Threw “Camila Cabello” Off the Stage at VMAs

A low blow aimed at the former band member

You would think that Fifth Harmony have moved on from the loss of their fifth arm by now, but Camila Cabello is still receiving heat from the group’s fury.

At the 2017 VMA’s, the remaining four ladies of the group decided to start their performance with a mysterious fifth woman on stage, only to have her dramatically fall backwards and disappear from sight once the music started.

Is it a symbol of Cabello’s “abandonment”?

Is it to show that they are “whole” without a fifth member?

If they were really so whole and over it, would they still be dealing with childish references and jabs at the former member?

While nobody but the girls themselves knows the true story behind how Cabello announced her departure – if she felt like she wanted to express herself as an individual artist, nobody should shame her for it.

Perhaps she could have departed differently, or with more sympathy, but Fifth Harmony continue to succeed as a group of four and it’s likely that their fans will appreciate seeing them focus more on themselves and their own strength and unity, rather than make an effort to tear down another woman.

Take a look at the controversial act:

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