Kylie Jenner Said She “Went Too Far” With Her Lip Fillers

The reality start is opening up about the dark side of the procedure

Kylie Jenner’s entire makeup empire is practically built on the scrumptious lips look, but in fact her lips used to be a very big insecurity for her.

For years the young starlet denied the fact that she had even gotten lip injections, although it was obvious.

While many judged the reality star for being “fake” and dishonest, it is understandable to note that the issue was a big insecurity for Kylie, who grew up in the spotlight and was used to being scrutinized under a microscope for how she looked, acted and dressed.

She did however, admit to Complex that not only did she regret her dishonesty, she warns that the injections are quite painful to get, and that she may have taken them too far.

While there is nothing wrong in adjusting your look if it makes you feel confident – remember to never let it happen out of pressure from others – you may regret it , especially at such a young age when you are still deciding who and what you are.

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