Ashley Graham Missed 2016 Met Gala Because No Designer Would Dress Her

This year, she rocked it

Ashley Graham is just one of many gorgeous plus-size models in the industry, but she is definitely shining bright due to her strong advocacy for variety and representation of different body types in the fashion world.

She has spoken up against body shaming and is never shy about flaunting her body with self-love and confidence – because she knows that no matter how skinny-oriented the fashion industry is, there is no one type of beauty out there.

When they call you 'brave'..

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Skinny, tall, short, fat – the more diversity we see in the media, the more we realize that beauty is more about confidence than hip circumference.

Despite being featured on Sports Illustrated, which has now began to diversify its featured body types, Graham says that the industry still resists larger women.

She explained that prior to last year’s Met Gala, she had been waiting for her invitation which she received just a few weeks before.

In such short notice, smaller women could get sample sizes from designers, yet Graham didn’t attend because there were none who would tailor something for her last minute.

While those designers didn’t refuse because of her weight, the fact that none are prepared with sample sizes larger than sizes 0 and 2 goes to show that the industry is focusing on a very specific niche of women, and is still struggling to be inclusive.

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