Luke Bryan Made An Exception For An 88-Year-Old Fan To Touch His Butt

Usually, he has a very strict no butt-touching rule

Luke Bryan is an American country singer and songwriter, and he also happens to exert effortless charm and handsomeness.

A year ago he revealed on the Ellen DeGeners Show that his butt has become so popular that he had to apply a strict no-butt-touching rule during his meet and greets with fans, as they somehow always snuck in a squeeze of his bum.

Objectification is wrong whether it’s of a woman or a man – so we completely understand his policy.

During Bryan’s recent Kansas City show, however, he decided to make one exception – for an 88-year-old fan who just really, really looked up to him.

Francis Stanaway is battling terminal illness, and when she went to see the performance of the singer, she got quite a fantastic checkmark onto her bucket list – she was invited backstage to grab a piece of that famous, strictly forbidden bum.

Her face says it all:

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