Atomic Blonde Vs Wonder Woman – Similar Theme, Different Message About Humanity

Both center around very powerful women fighting evil

Atomic Blonde and Wonder Woman both have a very clear similarity – they each focus on the story of a powerful woman taking on missions to fight for what seems, to them, morally right.

Wonder Woman is set amidst the first World War, while Atomic Blonde is set later during the Cold War.


The main difference between the films, however, is the message they send about humanity via the perspective of the leading woman.

While Wonder Woman clarifies that she believes in the good of mankind, Atomic Blonde doesn’t seem to leave room for any optimism about mankind’s morality.

All in all, if you’re deliberating which movie may best be suitable for your younger daughters, perhaps a more optimistic approach will do – there are many more years ahead to discover that people aren’t always so decent as we wish for them to be in this world.

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