Her transformation is incredible

Fenella McCall is a 30-year-old psychology student from Australia, who underwent an incredible transformation, not only physically, but mentally as well.

After 15 years of drug abuse and smoking, she decided to change her lifestyle, take care of herself, and transform her health status.

She has completely slimmed down and tones up, all without losing any weight – in fact, she has even gained a bit of weight!

How did she do it?

BBG program, boxing, weightlifting, cutting out sugar, dairy and gluten for several months, then continuing the same diet though a bit more lenient.

Take a look:

Fenella, however, is mostly proud of her strength to overcome her addiction, and instead of counting kilograms, focuses on counting months she has been away from drugs and cigarettes (20 months!).

She is also keen on being very real with her followers, and exposing not only the picture-perfect flexed poses but also the usual her, belly relaxed and smiling because, hey, we should all love ourselves, imperfections and all.

Beauty comes from within 💙💙 It comes from kindness and compassion. From love and honesty. From sharing and being vulnerable. There is no 'perfect' way to be. Only a perceived 'perfection' that we had no control over to begin with. Someone somewhere decided something and we are just born to accept it. WELL FUCK THAT… We are ALL BEAUTIFUL 😏🙌.. Whoever we are! Underneath our 'outsides' lives our spiritual selves. Our inner child. The innocent, fragile and courageous version of ourselves that gets lost with all the 'masks' and layers we put on top to 'present' ourselves a certain way. A way we perceive others want to see us. Well what if we stopped worrying about what they thought and started worrying about what we think? After picking apart the left photo for far too long and debating whether to share, I thought it's these photos that are the MOST IMPORTANT.. The ones where I 'shame' my body… Cause life is SO MUCH MORE than that.. And no- that's not bloating (for once 😬😂)… that's just belly fat ☺️😏😜 from being human ☺️😚 xx

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