Even self body-shaming can be offensive

28-year-old actress Lucy Hale recently posted a throwback photo on Instagram of herself with her father for Father’s Day, with a sweet caption dedicated to her super dad.

You taught me to have soul. I love you daddy.

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In the comments section, however, fans noticed an unusual reply by Lucy to one of her friends.

She wrote: “ugh I was so fat”.

Followers were upset  about the comment, noting that as a person who many young women look up to, she shouldn’t be body shaming anyone, including herself, by using a negative connotation with the word “fat”.

The controversy is emphasized by the fat that Lucy isn’t nor ever really was overweight, and for a small figured, beautiful young woman to define herself as fat, well – it doesn’t give us much hope about beauty standards.

Lucy quickly went to Twitter to apologize after the backfire, and explained that sometimes she forgets that she is constantly being monitored for every small thing she says and truly did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Lucy Hale understands insecurities very well.

In 2012 she opened up to Cosmopolitan about having eating disorders and obsessing over her weight – so it’s very likely that she did not mean for this comment to resonate with audiences and hopes people will see it as a small slip.


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