We give her credit for having a sense of humor

It isn’t easy being a woman in Hollywood, especially when every curve of your body is constantly being placed under a microscope for analysis.

Every pound you gain, every haircut you get, every cosmetic procedure is tomorrow’s talk of the day.

Sometimes, when you are as famous as Halle Berry, even your food baby makes its way to the headlines.

That’s exactly what happened after a picture of Halle Berry posing with her hands on her belly went viral – and the tabloids began spreading pregnancy rumors faster than Berry could digest her belly bloat.

Yes, we are used to seeing Halle Berry fit and skinny, but is it really necessary to translate every extra pound as a pregnancy, when she is already 50 years old?

Yes, having a slightly fuller belly then we are used to is possible, and no – it does not mean she is growing a human inside.

Sometimes, it’s a cheeseburger, sometimes it’s gas, sometimes it’s just naturally-packed fat that comes with a slower metabolism, and always – it’s none of the paparazzi’s business.

However, while many women would flip the finger on this one, Halle Berry showed us just how nonchalant and awesome she is about the whole rumor and answered her fans on Instagram that in fact, the only thing they may have noticed in the photo was her last meal.

Besides, she already has 2 angels to attend to:

We have the toughest but most rewarding job on earth. So today, let’s celebrate each other. #mothersday

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